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Opinion | Trump Wants to ‘Reopen America.’ Here’s What Happens if We Do

Interesting interactive models there!

I don’t understand Trump’s thought process. It doesn’t take a medical degree to know the virus will simply continue proliferating if we ease up on social distancing. And he wants ‘packed churches by Easter’??


He’s smokin dope. If he tries he’ll get his little wiener stepped on hard. Just another instance of hoof in mouth.


I did not follow every person I saw to their final destinations, but when I went to Home Depot yesterday, I did make an intentional look at the parking lots in the area. Where Sam’s Club and Home Depot are is a long stretch of retail centers and strip malls, restaurants, etc. Drive-thrus were busy, and grocery stores/building supply lots were somewhat populated, but all other areas were devoid of cars parked. In other words, my experience was very different from yours. People around here seem to be heeding the call for isolation as much as possible which is a good thing, I suppose.


Here in the UAE social distancing is working, which is amazing considering that 65% of the population is from SW Asia. I was in the supermarket today and they have people working at keeping people at distance. Everyone was listening and doing what they should do.


Parking lots are packed, and if so I do not go to packed stores…
Even the gas stations and the abc stores are busy… business is still going on…

Just no bars, and restaurants are saying take out isn’t doing a thing for their bills… I can’t find it yet, but Savannah and Charleston both are on complete lock down. will be hunting info… but moving my desk today… Got a new printer and tickled over it!


We had a relatively warm day yesterday in Chicago. As it stands now we have been on a stay at home order since Saturday at 5:00 PM. People were playing basketball in the parks. The lake front was packed with people ignoring social distancing. The mayor did news conference threatening to close parks if it continues. We’re are only on day five and these people are growing claustrophobic.


Here goes Myrtle Beach… by Sunday all visitors have to get out

There goes the hotel industry… especially with Chas on lock down



Ha your restaurants managers have no marketing skills. A restaurant here cracked the code. They offered a free roll of TP with every delivery. They had to call in for more help to make more food.



doesn’t look like we all think it will be safe


it’s showing too. In world tabulation we now have more infections per million and more death per million than either China or South Korea.


Can’t access due to paywall. I’m not sure if I’m going to put all my eggs in an “Opinion” article. Regardless of that, if everyone is released too early, it will be counterproductive.


one of mine???


Dumb, just plain dumb. No way is this going to stabilize by Easter.


The game (IMO) is to attempt to appear as “the optimist”, while foisting criticism and blame on state Governors. “Objective reality” seldom has not (even now) much interested this unreality game show host. Captain Oblivious’ specialty is exploiting the populace’s despites to effectuate criminal oligarchy.


I think in the heat of the coronavirus crisis, everybody is forgetting that this is an election year.
Jobs, a tremendous amount of jobs, are disappearing. The booming economy he’s achieved single-handedly is going down the tubes.

What about the rallies, the adoring crowds?

For everyone who loves the guy, if the ‘other side’ had won and the wench had been in office, I wouldn’t have had a good word for that one either.


Perhaps they have now succumbed to the eventually devastating scourges of terminal gullibility … :thinking:

Source: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/6toAAOSwopRYc8Wz/s-l400.jpg

One trooper is still hoping that he locked enough children up in cages to win back Dear Leader’s favor:

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Think in months, not weeks. From the moment you get infected, it can take up to around 3 weeks before you know you are infected. A lot of people won’t ever know because of the mild symptoms. Depending on the symptoms, it can take several weeks to heal and once the symptoms disappear, you can still pass on this virus for a while.

Today we’ve been told that our curve is finally flattening (not at our peak yet though) and optimistic speculation is that we’ll be locked up until early May. The way things have always taken longer than predicted in this crisis, you can probably add another 2 weeks to a month to that.

In the US, things are still not under control, there’s still no nation wide lockdown and people not respecting social distancing so don’t expect life to return to normal before June. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it does but it’s unlikely.


A recent study (which I can try to find the reference to, if you like) reported that the median (or perhaps mean) time between infection and symptoms looks like 5 days time, with 2 days on the short side and 12 days on the long side (including some major proportion of the area under the curve). However, this is a novel (new to our systems), cryptic, stealthy virus (and there are differences in the reported dominant symptoms) - so in some cases (particularly in immune-compromised persons, who may not fashion a vigorous immune-response, including a noticeable fever temperature increase), it could exist unnoticed.

Indeed, the SARS CoV-2 virus not appearing to be particularly “hardy” (physically), (IMO) the rapid/vast spreading among populations worldwide may well be a result of non-symptomatic unknowing “carriers”. Only around half of the residents of one Washington nursing home overwhelmed by COVID-19 had symptoms when they tested positive for the coronavirus (CDC, MMWR, Volume 69, March 27, 2020).

Following identification of a case of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in a health care worker, 76 of 82 residents of a Skilled Nursing Facility were tested for SARS-CoV-2; 23 (30.3%) had positive test results, approximately half of whom were asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic on the day of testing.