OPINIONS PLEASE : favorite Cranberry Concentrate

Purilum’s cranberry orange is very good! The orange is lighter than the cranberry so depending on the profile you want you might need an additional orange layer, but the cranberry is super realistic.


i have a handful and am not sure yet , what i will do probably is mix the orange and cranberry by itself and try to get a good mix of the fruits b4 adding bready flaves

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ill look real quick which oranges i have
list below

blood orange FLV and FA
Orange ( arancia) FA
orange ( one drop flave )
orange creamsicle. ( cap)

i do also have FA bergamot which i could use if the other oranges need some zest / tang not sure what word im looking for , i have no plans on using the ODF orange at least in this mix lol the recipe would have to be 20+ percent if i did

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This is a good flavor but needs a long steep. I was about to toss but gave it another taste at 6 weeks and was pleasantly surprised.


@R113 Oooo! Grape! To the lab! thx for that Rus! Since the “Ocean Spray” is such a solid SnV adding additional fruit flavors is a breeze (guessing those %s) And Orange (FA) another good suggestion for my Adaptations thx @fidalgo_vapes


Interesting! I thought it was pretty decent at 2 weeks. But it does get better with a longer steep, no doubt. And it doesn’t seem to fade badly like some fruits tend to do, which would be helpful for using in a muffin profile which is going to benefit from a longer steep. I have a few mixes with it that have steeping for a solid 8-9 months (maybe longer) and the cranberry is still nice and strong.


It’s got a lot of corn syrup in it too. Sure you wanna do that? Haha

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Ordered cranberry Cap this morning. Wanting to play with it and pomegranate FC.

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what is FC?

Flavor Concentrates.com, Cromwell at VU turned me onto them. The pomegranate is pretty good and steeps in week, much better at 2 weeks. Not in your face and should play well in a mix.

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On Orange Cream (TPA) …Uh no. This flavor has a piney flavor meant for Creams and is an opposite pair for Cranberry

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I just came across this website and I’m on the hunt for more info while I wait for a response from them.

Is your Pom flavor from their Natural line?
Have you used any other flavors from FC? Are they as concentrated as their recommendation of .2-1%?


Edit: I split this off into its own topic so I don’t derail this (3month old;) thread.

I did all singles at 5% and they are all good but a bit light for me. They didn’t start to mature before the 3 week mark, better at 5. For myself they are layering flavors and do seem to be more resistant to fade. I’ll get on the computer after I get caught up and give my impressions of the individual flavors.

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