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I have been mixing e juice for a few weeks. I have mixed all the recipes to the T. I cannot for the life of me get my juices to sweeten. I am using all TFA flavors. Am I not letting the juices steep enough? I have had some juices steeping for a week and they still lack sweetness and a strong flavor. I mix most juices at 70/30 VG/PG. I could really use some help here. Even the shake n vape juices I mix up are far from flavorful or sweet. I am vaping out of a tank SMOKE T6/V6 and a Crown 2 tank on a JayBO releaux . I test my juices on a mad hatter RDA. I am vaping the RDA around 60-70 Wwatts the Crown 2 around 50 watts and the Smoke tanks around 107 watts. Please help

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You may wish to try and use “Pyure” if you looking for a sweet vape. Be very careful with it, it tends to turn things into “sugarlips” at least for me… do a search on this forum for Pyure and you’ll get a good number of responses.
Are you also saying that your recipes are not having flavor? Can you post one or two that you tried?


are u subbing those TFA flavors in someone else’s mix, flavor vary from brand to brand and sometimes dont mix well. u can always join chat for quick q’s, all peps are nice , happpy to help w/ all vaping stuff

No I only use TFA flavors on TFA recipes. Wwhat is the normal steep time for a standard three flavor juice? Maybe my steep time is not enough. A week seems fair for the shake and vape juices I have tried. Thanks for responding

Are the recipes you’re mixing highly rated? I find that a lot of people rate their recipes quite high but may be the only ones to do so. If you find a highly rated/highly posted-on recipe, it helps a lot. Also, if you are a recent ex-smoker or a continuing smoker, your taste buds may not be fully awake.
You could also try adding a little sweetener or better yet marshmallow at about 1% and see if that helps your sweet tooth any. Good luck!

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You posted almost everything we needed to know but one thing.

Post the last three failed recipes. In this thread. Let us take a look and we can give you feedback.

Also let us know how you are mixing. By weight volumn or by drops?

Methodology? Are you airing out your ejuice? How are you steeping. Are you applying heat? What about the nic level if any.

Post that and I’ll show you my magic stick. Or someone will open their flower to you. Lol :thought_balloon::fire::thought_balloon:


Just out of curiosity have you considered changing your base preference ? Something as simple as using more Vg will help sweeten the batches. Pg is a bitter note this could be contributing toward no sweetness.

Steeping is major if you can share w/ us your last couple recipes made that’ll help us determine the steeping period as all flavor’s tend to fall in a few different categories.

Creams & custards at least 1 month steep this included ice creams and cupcakes. Although they may be vape worthy at 2 weeks they’re really not done steeping.

Fruits tend to be anywhere from SnV to 2 weeks.

Bakery these are really determined by what is in them but a good rule is 2-3 weeks some can be SnV again it is what’s in them that matters.

Share w/ us the recipes and we may can give you more details.

If you do want to use a sweetener pyrue is a good one. It is liquid stevia.


Last three recipes were a caramel milk, sweet tangerine and a strawberry milk. I do my measuring by volume. Like I said my steep time has been about a week or so. I start with milk frother and then I put in crock pot for about 4 hours. Every day after that it is in a cabinet out of sunlight. SHAKE OPEN AND BREATH for 20 minutes then a little taste for notes and recap it and back into the cabinet. I will play with the PG/VG ratio and will be more patient with my steeping. I will post the recipes in my next response.

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Rich Caramel Milk

Ingredient %
Caramel (FA) 3
Caramel (Original) (TPA) 5
Dairy Milk (TPA) 5
Vienna Cream (FA) 2

Flavor total: 15%

Remember to rate it at!
Strawberry milkshake.-

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 3
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 7

Flavor total: 12%

Remember to rate it at!

You get it now?

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Just suggestions as to what i would do.
Get a Magma RDA.
Build a single 1.5-2.0ohm coil at .19id/30ga. and use rayon.Vape around 6-7 watts.
Next mixes try one at 2% and one at 3% Any sweetener.
Natural steep 4 weeks any mixture and then vape.

I would drop the milk frother, just mix and shake. I had watched a video on best mixing and steeping methods and a milk frother was used and that mix tested as the worst.

Thanks for posting the recipes
For the caramel milk one I’d def let it steep 3-4 weeks that much milk is going to need time to allow for the caramels to sweeten it as well as the Vienna cream.

The SB Milk one is give at least 2-3 weeks mainly for the Bavarian Cream to balance out w/ the cheesecake. The SB Ripe should be fine since you did a heat steep. Otherwise I woulda just left it open for an hour then steeped it.

Really those all look fine but steeping is best for all of those flavor’s. Just Bc it’s great as a SnV for one person doesn’t mean it is for another. Not that anything is wrong w/ either it’s just taste preferences.

If you want to try more tried & proven SnV recipes I do have a thread.
I’ll post it up to you.

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thank you 4 the thread i was just sitting here wondering what to make 2day and this was the first post i read. :slightly_smiling_face:

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