Poll: Vendor Juice & DIY or just DIY?

  • I stopped buying juice once I started making my own.
  • I do both DIY and buy juice from a store.

Just thought it would be an interesting poll. I have not purchased juice from a vendor since I started making it myself and made a 4 or 5 recipes I liked. At the beginning I would buy a few bottles from the local B&M to tide me over. The last time I did this, I bought a flavour I really used to like, but it just didn’t cut the mustard, and now I just DIY.

Edit: Thanks to some of the recipes on e-liquid-recipes.com :slight_smile:


I’d rather save money on juice and spend it on the hardware !!I make better juice then I’ve tried from a lot of vendors ( no offense to vendors or juice makers out there ) . Maybe it’s just better cause it costs me peanuts compared to 20$ for a 30ml bottle


I agree. I would much rather buy some new equipment and new flavours than pay 20 bucks for 30ml. Especially as most of my new equipment enables me to vape through 30mls in a few days.


I buy a couple juices once a year. VCV’s Nigh Shift and Nutty Cookie as well as Awesome Apple Pie and Grapple from Gunners Gold.

I suppose i could try to clone them but they are perfect already so i dont see the point. The rest of the time i vape my own creations.

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I’m down to one store bought juice; yes, addicted to Bobas Bounty. It’s my one weakness.

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I buy a lot of EU made premium juices for DIY inspirations. And some of them are too good to be ignored!

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I still have lot of bought juices so while I work on my DIY, when things get too frustrating, I vape vendor juices to “freshen up my taste”. But haven’t bought a juice for past 4 months and soon to run out so I guess I’ll find out if my DIY is good enough for me or not.

I buy vendor juice every once in a while, just to see what all the fuzz is about, and to get inspiration :smile: Otherwise I’m strictly a DIY-guy - Last month I bought 20 vendor juices, and I was struggling to finish them, so I could start mixing again :smiley: I miss mixing if I don’t do it for a while!


I only buy juice if I’m desperate or I’ve messed up my timing and don’t have any ready. I should probably have a few standby shake and vapes for that I guess. The worst was going out of town to visit family in the middle of nowhere and forgetting ALL my juice. I had to drive 30 mins to buy a $10 bottle of yuck. Lesson learned. LoL



…and Alien Visions Gryphons Breath.

So I’m in the middle of the tracks here. DIY or Vendor, I do both, I am both, and kind of new to the vaping world and its big! My dad owns a small mom and pops vape shop. Then my dad tells me that I’m going to run his store for him and so I had the whole vaping world tossed in my lap :open_mouth: and I really new nothing about vaping. On November 1st 2014 I stopped smoking cigarettes after 20yrs. I started with our own house juices that we make and we make all our own juices. Now 4 months and half a million Vaping puffs later ( LoL ) I DIY it my self and I make what I want for my self and what taste good to Me. Some of the blends I make I keep to my self and some I sell because people like it and can’t make it or buy it any where else other than from Me and that makes me proud that I made something that people like and enjoy and not only that, They Will pay for it, on there own free will. Its like selling drugs but totally Legal and I mean LEGAL :grinning: and no I don’t sell drugs I just watched Breaking Bad. So I guess to all that want to DIY I say go for it, try it, there is a lot to learn and its fun!!! You will also save Money in the long run. Now to All those DIYers, you know that there is that 1 bottle of Really Good Juice that you bought some where and you can’t make no matter how hard you try, it’s just not the same… So go out and buy it, vape it, Enjoy it, and help the Vaping community stay alive and meet some new people, learn some tricks and Vape On!!! Hope you enjoyed reading my post.


I do both. As time goes by and I find vendor liquids I really like I will often try to mimic them. Such is the case with Five Pawns Castle Long. So it’s not a 1:1 match but close enough for me…and at under $2 to make I can justify my ripoff for personal use. Other liquids such as Vapor Planet (here in Columbia, SC) Universal Milk…I get nowhere trying to copy, so I buy it on occasion simply because it’s so darn tasty.


@SthrnMixer, Is Whiskey on my Breath your clone? Looks quite vapable!

Buying recomended juices brings new ideas

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Now that sounds downright scary. Oh the horror of it all…

LOL That sinking feeling digging through my bag saying “Please tell me I didn’t do this…” was rough. It was the holidays too. I almost picked up a cigarette. If I did the hashtag thing I’d hashtag “first world problems.” :stuck_out_tongue: (On a mostly unrelated note, I about died one day when my daughter asked, "Mom, why does that say ‘I’m hashtag one?’ " Yikes.)

To try and re-rail, if I was better at detecting flavors and knowing which flavors by which companies tasted like what (i.e. more practiced) I would see the benefit of buying vendor juices, especially premiums and really good house blends. I’m just not there yet. And, since I can’t really afford to buy premium juice regularly, I just pretend what I make is premium. It’s better than bargain brand at any rate.

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No, Whiskey on my Breath is my original creation. I got a clone recipe for Castle Long from another site. I’ve posted it here. Castle Long Clone by jonhall2

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I buy a juice every once in a while when I hear good reviews and want to know what it’s like. I typically only diy my juices. So… I don’t know where I fit in the poll prob the 2nd one Bc technically I have bought since starting to diy.