Positive Media for Vaping

I have already posted the two links above as well and the one about Conley’s story as well. We all need to do this Plaster It everywhere we can and whatever we can find from now on !!!


Guys, Gals, something I noticed today (Why not sooner, Dunno) that all these info pages usually have a SHARE buttons that make it real easy for us to share on facebook. You’re reading this stuff already, JUST CLICK SHARE !!!


Just last week, FOX News posted an article by a renowned doctor recommending electronic cigarettes as a quit smoking aid for patients who couldn’t quit by other means.


This is what I was saying earlier. From the Fox article -

“Given my experiences and those of numerous clinicians I have spoken with, it would seem to be a good time to conduct large scale clinical trials in which patients who smoke are given electronic cigarettes by their doctors, encouraged to use them and then quizzed on their use of real tobacco weeks and months and years later,” Keith Ablow suggests. It would seem like the normal thing to do, but so far everyone has just tried to slander electronic cigarettes based on assumptions and unfounded claims, instead of hard evidence.


So that’s why it’s time for us to pass it on!!! Here’s another to pass on…

Levels of selected carcinogens and toxicants in vapour from electronic cigarettes

and another,

Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air quality.


More good News…

Some Good News for the E-Cig Industry: Vaping Can Help Smokers Quit

E-cigarettes have not been a gateway to traditional smoking – ONS

Reports from Big Tobacco: sales of cigarettes plummet. Why? They think it’s because of “vapor” competition.


Toxic Metals in Vapor?


Can Temperature Control Make Vaping Safer?



Note as @daath pointed out this is a unverified source. A good read though so we’ll leave it here…


Note, that one is written by a random unverified user on CNN :wink:


My first for today. I plan on doing 2 a day. I did get a couple replies from my earlier posts.



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So your teenager is vaping e-cigarettes – should you worry?

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I just want stop and give props to @ringling for an outstanding idea for the transfer of positive info about vaping. It’s very simple and easy to repost.

We all should get behind this effort to show a positive light on what we hold so dear.

It’s a very easy way to get involved and spread good news about vaping.

I’m pumped as we all should be. Informing the masses what it’s all about.

Overwhelm them with the positive aspects of vaping to counter all the negative that has been planted to date.

All that’s needed is to like and share. :grinning:


Couldn’t say it better myself !!! I will say it is a little harder to find good news, but it is out there. It matters not if we post the same things to each of our accounts on Facebook, etc. Remember, my friends are not your friends necessarily. All must see and participate to be effective! @Pro_Vapes, thank you for the kind words, I’m just glad we came up with a idea that has the potential of helping our cause! To everyone else, please chime in and tell us of your efforts. I’d like to know if others are participating. Hate to think myself and @Pro_Vapes are pissing in the wind…

Keep in mind (EVERYONE) it is not necessary to participate on Facebook. All you need is a account on Facebook and add Positive Articles we are trying to provide to you here on your Timeline. It’s quite easy really and will take little of your time. It would be nice if a few of you will help to research and find Positive articles and post them here. Does not matter what country it’s from though in English or have English subtitles would be helpful…

@daath , Please Pin this and your great articles would be nice added to this thread instead of elsewhere so we can easily share…

By the way Guys/Gals, I see no reason that those who are not in the US couldn’t benefit from passing on this info on social media as well. I would think it might help your cause as well. The object here is to make all aware of the injustice being applied to us as vapers and the millions this product could potentially help. This injustice is in many countries and you too need to do what you can to spread the word and change public attitude in our favor. As you know, only the masses promote change…