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Pugsley's 'The man behind the Serpent' review of the Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA


I copy and paste the accessory list, but I presume it’s this…

And thanks man, glad you liked the review.:wink:


Oh, it looked like a the grub screw wrench.
Never mind… :confused:


I agree Pugs. The intake rta is far better for flavour by a mile. Was dissapointed with this rta, the serpent SMM was better. The intake is the only rta I use these days. It replaced the Serpent SMM as my favourite.


Excellent review as always brother!

I will trade you my black version for your blue :wink: I totally get what your saying about personal preference on the looks, I don’t dig it much either compared to Wotofo’s other offerings.


Ikr, i don’t dig the appearance at all now, but it does work well like you said, I haven’t had any issues with wicking etc like you did but I can see how much of a bitch it could be if you didn’t nail it down early on, flavours awesome though, can’t take that away from it :ok_hand::ok_hand: