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I was looking at flavorings at ecigexpress,are they really the same concentrate flavorings from the top mfg. such as I was looking at RY4 Double Flavor (TPA) and it was only $3.96 for 30 ml . But at TPA it’s 3.25 for the 15ml bottle . Are they the same product, or am I missing something important.


From what I’m told the Signature Line is TPA flavors. Also TPA flavors here or on other sites are manufactured by the Perfumers Apprentice people (first link you left). I believe that’s what you are asking, hope so…


They really are the same flavors and are not rebottled (from ecigexpress), you will find they are actually allot cheaper on their postage rates also. Although I do suggest trying Signature and TFA TPA flavors, I do not think the economical place to buy them is factory direct.


yes they are supposed to be. I have never purchased from them I get all of mine from Nicotine River, Bull City Vapor, and occasionally Wizard labs. They are the same at least the ones that I have had that I also got at TPA were the same so I’m going to trust that they all are.

@carol2, the answer to your question is yes…and no. Yes, in name. No, in consistency. Signature: These are rebottled flavors; rebottled from drums of flavoring, purchased from TPA at a super low vendor cost.

Personally, I have had consistency issues with buying rebottled flavors from various vendors. If your palette is super discerning, you will pick up on the fact that mixes you’ve made with flavors purchased directly from TPA will taste different than ones made from rebottled flavoring. My wife and I discovered this, particularly, with the Signature RY4 Double. I now purchase certain flavors in “original manufacturer” bottles or direct from the manufacturer to make sure the flavor will be as true as possible.

You can buy bulk from TPA if you’re going to be using a lot of one particular flavor. I typically buy the 4oz bottle of RY4 Double and Asian for $8.


I’m with @Kinnikinnick on this… I’ve noticed a difference also. The few TPA/TFA I use, I like to buy in bulk directly from their site.


The Perfumers Apprentice is not trying to compete with those it sells to like any GOOD manufacturer should`. TPA makes their money selling in bulk. In bulk quantities the price is way cheaper than ecigexpress prices. As a over 20 year business man I’ve seen many times where the manufacturer cut the wholesale buyer out of the picture and sold cheaper directly to the public basically killing their own market (Eventually). I admire TPA for doing things right…



I agree 100%, so for smaller quantities research the prices. But for the MSDS info and other information it helps to look at the manufacturers site.

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Don’t forget to check the ELR Resource Page for coupon codes too. I think Flavorah with the coupon code is as cheap or cheaper than buying through a third party.


I recall traveling one time and came across the Bunn plant (for Bunn coffee makers). The one I currently had was on it’s last leg, so I went into the plant and asked about purchasing one of the coffee makers… I was told it was something like 130 dollars or something. I looked at the lady and said, “I can go down the street and buy one at Walmart for 85 dollars, are we talking about the same thing?” She stated basically the same information, Walmarts price was lower due to them purchasing in quantity and if she wanted a new machine, she would also go to a store and not purchase thru the plant…

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EXCUSE me for being a novice what what is TPA…is this a company or a brand or what…I am looking to buy bulk flavors without the bad shit in them you know what I speak of. Can someone tell me who has the best deals and the best flavors and biggest selection… many many thanks!!

I am not sure I will be notified if someone responds so feel free to text me if you guys are super awesome! lol 919 427 7414

People will respond for sure.

Tpa. The flavor apprentice. I believe that’s how you spell it.

Lots of good info here! :grinning:

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