Question about steeping

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Check this vid out

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Just get or diy a cheap magnetic stirrer and mix batches of at least 100ml so you can realistically use it. Some have heat but don’t use that, leave it in a dark place to run. Depending on the mix 1 - 24hrs will more than do that job. If you started with pure nic I’d caution on 24hrs minimum.

Also, store your nic and juices in brown glass light degrades nic as well as heat.


Lol. I’m going to use link “magic.” Take a look at the first 15 posts after running a search under the title “steeping.” Sadly, I havnt seen any magical methods created over the last two years.

Yes, there have been interesting discussions on using xyz tools. Some people love love magnetic mixers, frothers, ultra sonic cleaners, vacume extraction ect. Some of the best tools are expensive lab grade 1000+ equipment.

What I have seen time and time again…is time. Give it time. Mix mixe more recipies and build up your steeping cabneit. Initially I started with like 12 15/30ml bottles and now I’m up to 100…your bottle stash will grow if you let it.

If you don’t trust me and can’t figure out how to search for a topic… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Here ya go…


…and @Chrispdx. The secret to having patience is to not require it. Make test batches @ 30ml and if it’s something to your taste make a 100 - 120ml bottle. Once you have a Library of jucies in rotation, patience isn’t a factor. Start with some Shake N Vapes which all still get better over time and fit in batches of stuff like Custards/Creams etc that need 4 weeks …you’l forget about them while you enjoy your Journey to Juice Mountain


Mmmm could you expand on this please?

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The best thread ever for new mixers who need something NOW. SnV recipes allegedly require little to no steep time


Thanks Bo :blush:


My pleasure …we are ALL as a whole working to keep you out of the convenience store eyeing packs of cancer sticks. You’ll have plenty of time to pay it forward, so you are very welcome


LOL! I never even smoked. My friend gave me an Eleaf Istick TC49W and a bottle of Waffles and Cream and now I’m smoking like a bush fire!

Imma need ta see some Identification… :male_detective:


I’m with Bo – Patience blows – planning is key. I have two absolutely lovely single flavour vapes and three shake and vape florals (florals make great shake and vapes, steeping is neither necessary nor sufficient) So make a coupleafew of those whenever I make anything, Make tiny flavour test batches to find what I’m looking for and then make me a 30ml of it to pick at while another 3 or 4 sit in the drawer.

I’m finishing off my first full batch of flavours right now actually, the stuff I had before all my new toys came in when I decided I was definitely committed to vaping. Gonna mix all day in a week or two after I finish off what I’ve got left.


Would you be kind enough to give some detail please?

@filledb I am giving away some flavors and there are still a few left check it out

Real Flavors who wants?

Also, I don’t know what kind of flavors you have but this is one of the best SNV I have ever had the pleasure of mixing. Actually here are two

Untamed Melon’s :’s

1.5% Cream (Flavorah)
1% Milk and Honey (Flavorah)
0.75% Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)
2.25% Wild Melon (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 5.5%
Remember to rate it at:

Elysium :

3% Banana Cream (TPA)
1% Butterscotch (TPA)
2% Lemon Sicily (FA)
4% Vanilla Custard (Flavorah)
5% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 15%
Remember to rate it at:

both are ready to vape right after you shake the sh&% out of em


Thanks Dan, this is a really helpful post :blush: Got them copied and will include them with my next order!

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You won’t regret either. (hopefullly) :wink:

Flavorah is a little expensive but this place is now selling 10ml bottles so it will be less expensive finding out whether or not you like a certain concentrate.


I’ve tried warm tap water and found microwave heated rice to work better. I have also bought a milk frother and used that along with the hot rice method…at days end the best method (imo) is just shaking & time in the bottle…


agreed… ummm

there are no answers in reality mate…
let’s say you’re mixing just fruits… some of them can be vaped on the fly, some others needs like 3-4 days to get the flavor out…

but when you have to mix creams and bakery stuff oh well… they need at least 20 days and even up to 50days sometimes to get the full flavor out…

magnetic stirrers etc will help you a little with the mix (with heat or not) after living your juice in a stirrer for a while you make sure that flavors go EVERYWHERE inside… though steeping is a process that flavors are aging and juice gets stable… for the best results time is the key no matter what…

atm i am using from times to times the magnetic stirrer of a friend (a Nitecore one) though i don’t see difference in steeping time in my juices… he says that he’s seeing difference but he’s mixing ONLY fruits and nother more than it… no creams, no anything else… fruits don’t need much time to get steeped anyway… this comes with everything else…

if i could give you a different answer would be… steeping is a personal choice… if you find pleasure to vape something right away, just do it… the time you will let your juice getting steeped tends to be also for all of us a personal choice too… i steep them for 40days… some other for 10 days, others for 20 etc etc… it depends when and how you get pleasure from it since our palates are different and we taste different. but seriously the more time you steep them you get a better result… the juice gets stable and you will not notice any difference in you juice flavor from first drop till the last one… :slight_smile:

@filledb you can watch all the videos you want maybe you will find something that you can live with but nothing beats time and patience.