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Recipes "copyright"


Thank all of you for your very usefull informations !
I’m convinced that unfortunatelly there isn’t much I can do about this situation.
In plain words, I make public my recipes 'cause I just want as much people as possible to enjoy them (whenever that happens) and that’s my satisfaction. I don’t like at all the fact that some “smart” guys make profit stealing other people work and that’s why I made this post.
For the record, some time a go when I first saw some other mixer’s recipes selling in those sites, I pm’ed the creators about. Some replied that they didn’t care and some the didn’t reply at all.
Anyway, I feel that my only goal as described above is achieved.
Once again , thank you and keep mixing !


Man I hate hearing that. I personally use your Tobacco Recipes for my own personal use. For one I believe you are one hell of a artist at what you make. Unfortunately there’s people that would rather take the easy way out. Buy copying and selling, without giving credit or asking for your permission (out of common respect) to copy your recipes and profit from them. I just ask that if you decide to not go public with your recipes and start to just share with certain individuals. Please feel free to PM them to me. Your Tobaccos RY4Double are top of the line. Please don’t be discouraged if anything try to think of it as my s**ts that good,that people gotta use mine to make money,due to they can’t make there own.
On the recipe side name Paulie V my comments are on a couple of your recipes. Thanks for the hard work and time you dedicate to ELR & DIYing in general.


I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for sharing your recipes here with us. Your Pineapple Cheesecake is still one of my favorite recipes here on ELR and me and my friends vape it regularly!


It is said a recipe cannot be copyrighted but if you have a copyright notice with the © copyright symbol and the year, and a statement describing the rights you are attempting to protect, It may detur someone from stealing your exact recipe.

© 2018 CosmicTruth, All Rights Reserved.
Use of this recipe for monetary gain without the explicit written consent of CosmicTruth is prohibited by law.

with a statement like this if I find someone selling my exact recipe with the exact name I would have the right to sue for monetary damages.

This is just my opinion
© 2018 CosmicTruth Juice Co. All Rights Reserved.


Even this I highly doubt… how are you even going to prove it’s your recipe and not something you’ve picked up somewhere else (even if it is with a minute adaptation).
Lots of people come up with similar ideas (e.g. strawberry cheesecake), not copying from each other, but ending up with nearly identical recipes… who’s going to get the credit for it? This is the whole issue with recipes and why it’s so bloody difficult to get a copyright for it. Forget about royalties. If you post it publicly online, it’s fair game to anyone who sees it. And definitely once it’s published.

If you could register it and protect it in whatever way, why hasn’t this happened for the coca cola recipe yet?

With the case of VGOD, it was not about a recipe but about the use of a trademark name. Totally different things, indeed apples and oranges. But agreed, I find @Chrispdx’s reaction a little overboard.
Just take the thing as a compliment and carry on.

If Stafylidis Vladimiro would look at it from the bright side, he could perhaps go to Chefs himself and tell them to sell one shots and earn some money himself. He’s got a long list of recipes and most are highly rated.
Telling Chefs (or another company) that other companies are already selling his recipes, that they’re really that good, he can use this experience in the most positive way.


Are you saying use the statement as a bluff? Otherwise wouldn’t you need to have supporting copyright documents to show in court?


So put simply, recipes cannot be copyrighted, they are all too similar. By publishing it, you are letting anyone make it if they like, and sell it if they like, scary © statement or not. The actual formulation cannot be protected. This is why we see “Natural & Artificial Flavors” on food product labels.

Trademark is a different story, and the same as VGod, you could totally enforce your trademarks if you have them for the names you have given your mixes like “Goofy’s Juice.” But in Europe or Denmark (where the elr servers are I expect), the trademark must be registered to be enforced. I’m not sure what Greek law looks like on this topic. That said, even if you do have trademarks, be careful. Our community is incredibly fickle and spiteful when it comes to vendors attacking people. Ask so many of them, including VGOD, how that goes. The list is long, and it generally ends up with the entire internet vape community taking a large warm shit on the trademark holder.

You are a great mixer that has given freely to the community. Accept that people will copy your work, and accept that there will always be both unscrupulous people that will mix your recipes to make a buck and lazy people that don’t want to put for the effort to mix them to pay the buck.

My advice is to listen to the posts in this thread. Garner fame as the Original Creater of Goofy’s Juice, ask these sites to simply give their old buddy Vladimiros a little “by Vladimiros Stafylidis” on the pages where they are listing your recipes. You are probably well known enough that you could even possibly get paid for promoting sites that are willing to pay you a royalty, just by simply putting “buy this as a 1 shot at www.lazymixing.com” or something at the end of your recipes. In the end, its really all you can do, and you can use the platform fame will give you to influence the vaping debate in Greece.


I’m actually saying include it in your recipe notes, someone then stealing the exact recipe and selling with the exact name would have been given notice that they could be sued. without the notice the recipe is in public domain. A thief tho can make simple changes to the name and recipe and you cannot sue with or without a notice.

I am not claiming you would win in court, but without a notice you cannot even sue.


Taking it to court? You’d have a hard time finding a court that’s going to accept a case like that. It’s a waste of time and money. And besides, what are you going to sue for. Lost income? For something that you share publicly for anyone to use? There are no user agreements that anybody had to agree to… you have no case, no matter what your notice says.


Do you steal intellectual property for a living?
If I had a © & notice would you be as willing to copy my property and take a chance?
You can sue anyone for anything, the lawyers always win.


If you consider your creation to be intellectual property, are you going to publish this on the biggest public platform know to man and then take people to court if they use it? Please be reasonable…
If you don’t want others to know about your “secrets”, don’t share them.


Anybody has a keyboard and can write anything they want, it doesn’t mean that would stand up in court.

Maybe that is the case in the US, I can’t confirm that, but in many countries, a case has to be accepted by the court and it can very well be denied.


Meanwhile… back at the ranch, after the court case is over.


“Who’s there?”

“We’re from the Food and Drug Administration. We can’t seem to find your Premarket Tobacco Application for your Cosmic Jelly Donut Crunchies on file. Please open the door”


Then our only recourse is to use Flavor #96042 The Secret Ingredient


It wont help, we all know what the secret ingredient is :wink:


yea estorm really said it best. but if you still want to give to the community maybe keep your best recipes private.
and only share them with trusted mixers through vaping forums by PM.
and definitly get on some business deal for one-shots. make a name fer yerself
uncle vlads goof-joose


Atf nor elr gives copyright protection. Atf puts up some disclaimer that’s strictly a security theater, which you can’t really use to hold up in court, especially when a recipe is blasted across space and time…
“But my website says this” isn’t a legal excuse.

Keep it on private less someone copy it and you will never get it back.


Somehow I don’t think it’s a good idea to punish all DIYers because of one or two rogue companies. I would really hate it if everyone decided to stop sharing their good recipes so maybe we shouldn’t encourage people to keep their gems private.

Just look at it in a positive way, take it as a compliment and leave it at that. These sites (ELR, ATF, etc) are created to share great recipes and that’s what makes them so good and successful.


Its not punishing all DIYers because the majority is going to be relatively low on the following aspects:

  • ones that really feel that they can copyright a food or even vape recipe or that just because a website say they are copyright protected… (phhsstt… they really aren’t)

  • ones that think the community is out to get them and their recipes

I’d say its a small hand handful out of hundreds or even thousands that are niave to fall into this.


lastly, this community, in my eyes is held back and limited by those who want to be stingy, it should be a two way street, you take, you give something back. You give something, you take something. Ying/Yang