Recomended Flavour Percentages

HI all
I’m very new to the diy world and was wondering…

Should I be aiming for an overall percentage of say 10-15 when adding flavour concentrates

So if I’m using one flavour go for a larger percentage of that one flavour of (say 8-10%) percentage than if I’m adding 10 at which I’d add 1% of each

Obviously this is just an example and I’d want some to stand out more than others


Hi and welcome
I think a lot in these 2 threads can be a really good help to a new mixer.

To answer your first question i would say that there is no given percentage on flavors to a mix besides you might not wanna go over 20% by much. Most mixers i know of try to keep the flavor percentage under 20%.
Me myself live by the rule that less is more and i try to keep my percentages as low as i possibly can.

Good luck.


In short it depends on the concentrates your using. One example is flavorart…many report 4-7% is a better desired range with 10%'ish is the max give or take 1-2 depending on the mix.


Hi! Welcome to the fun!

Go here:

Put in your flavor.

Read the average percentages and notes and if 6 people say use only 1% start with 1%

They all are different animals. To mix well, starting at 1% or 5% with everything will not yield a good result.


Coffee Flavors: Some coffee flavors like Caramel Cappuccino or Cactus if you use more than a half a percent your first tank or cloud could throw you out of your chair.

Vanilla Custard Capella V1: You need between 5% and 8% for some people to get what they want out of it. So read the notes for everything and use what most people use for a starter percentage.


Thanx all
Ulill have a look at the averages then