Relative noob

Hi all im new to this forum :blush:. I’ve been mixing my own liquid for a while now,however I’ve only been mixing single flavours and now feel its time to branch out. I like fruity flavours and the ones I have in stock are green apple,strawberry,tutti frutti,orange,lemon n lime,punch,iron brewed,cherry,sex on the beach and bubblegum. All my flavours are from Totally Wicked and are fairly subdued. Does anyone have any recipes I could use to “jazz” them up a bit? Bear in mind I want to use these flavours up before I buy any more from anywhere else as I’m not made of money lol. TIA


To pop fruit flavors (when I mix fruit recipes, which is rare enough) I usually use lemon sicily from flavour art or sour from tpa. I dont know anything about totally wicked flavourings, though, @Swish


Oh, and to sweeten a fruit mix, I would usually use capella super sweet since it have some malic (or citric?) acid. It doesnt just sweeten, but pop the fruits too. And welcome to elr, @Swish . Read up, there’s a lot of knowledge to gain here in this forum.


@delltrapp gave great advise , using a small amount of lemon / lime to make your other fruits pop shiuld work , but your not trying to add so much that it taste like that flave so start low , also try using the green apple to make the flaves juicier and more tart again not a lot your using them as additives so start low …


If you can’t find any recipes here for your Totally Wicked flavors, just have a look at flavor pairing sites, not just vape related but food related too. Sometimes you come across a pairing that you’ve never thought about that’s actually pretty good. Just google and you’ll find plenty sites.

If you have a couple single flavors already mixed and steeped, a good way to try stuff out is to just drip a couple different flavors in your RDA and see if you like the result.

Once you run out of flavors and are ready to order a new batch, I recommend that you stick to the more common brands (TFA, Capella, Flavour Art, Flavor West, Flavorah, …) if you’re looking to try existing recipes, if you’re not yet confident enough to mix your own recipes. Before actually buying flavors, it’s always best to do a little research and look at people’s notes, both on the forum and the flavor pages on the recipe side of the site.

There are a few companies that ship worldwide for just a couple $$$ (if you don’t have a good online store available in your country) that carry a wide range of these brands.


Thank you all for your help :+1:t2:. I think half my trouble is hardly anyone uses Totally Wicked flavours and even fewer mix fruits only lol. I intend changing to a more popular supplier when I’ve used up most of my stock. In the meantime I’ll just trial and error a few mixes and keep my eyes open for recipes. Thanks again :blush:


Single flavors, there’s nothing wrong with them by the way. I’m actually vaping one right now, simply Golden Eye from NicRiver… yummy mango :wink:


I agree,but I’ve been vaping single flavours since 2012 and I’m ready for a change lol. I bought ready mixed until about 3yrs ago then switched to mixing my own


I like Strawberry with Lime (inspiration from Trident splash gums).


This might help you some. A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes.


You could pick up a few other “staples” that go into a lot of mixes to help ya work thru flavors that you have. Things like creams, custards, bakery types that will work w. those. Simple steps would be adding ones to slight change the single flavors like cactus to make it wetter, sour types, gummy or bubblegum. Even tho there maybe few notes on the brand u do have, you know what they taste solo so thats half the battle and now simply add a touch of the “additive” till u are happy.


A good choice would to pick up a few mints like peppermint, spearmint, menthol or koolada to add to them. Koolada would bring in a cool flavor to any fruit for a freshness. Something to think about. :slight_smile: