Remedies for dead taste buds?

I guess just like my addiction to smoking cigs for 40+ yrs., my vaping has made my taste buds take time off and thus I can’t enjoy the flavors I like the most. I have done some investigation on the Web and have come up with two such remedies.

  1. Vaping menthol - disgusting unless you’re into that sort of thing…or
  2. Vaping a no flavor mix.

Both of which only last long enough to take a toke or two of my favorite. Anyone else have got some more prolonged remedies for this phenomenon.?

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What you have is called “Vaper’s Tongue”. Vape long enough and you get it. Welcome to a very esteemed group of people that have all experienced it. Most of us anyway. Certain flavors seem to bring it on faster than others. Flavor with Ethyl Maltol seem to be the greatest culprit.
Some interesting reading.

Stay hydrated for one. I take meds that dehydrate me so I drink lots of water and Gatorade,this helps. Also I rotate what I’m vaping regularly. Creams will vape out my palate fast. A Citrus vape with Cactus brings my sensors back. Try a Strawberry and Lemon at 2% to 3% each with 1% Inawera Cactus. Also a good Coffee vape helps to reset sensory. Rotation and hydration are what helps me the best.

I would like to add that putting different flavors in the same coil or cotton makes for a bad conglomeration over time. It’s almost like your taste sensory doesn’t know which flavor to taste so it doesn’t taste much of anything. I pick my favorites and have them in separate tanks. If I want to vape something different, I just put new cotton in my dripper. I don’t like pouring over different mixes on my cotton. It eventually leads to a bad to no taste, at least for me.

Hope this helps.

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A couple of things I do is have saltine crackers or m&m’s non peanut.

I usually don’t like to take the no flavor approach but it does work. I tend to find a mild flavor I like one I do it’s a creamy vanilla and I add it at like 6% and vape it vg max seems to help. I also at the same time get a large glass of ice water fill the bottom with frozen fruit and add some lemon or lime depends on what fruit you have and I drink that it will usually be lemon this helps me I hope your taste buds are finish with their vacay.

I know this might sound obvious, but have you changed your coil? The last time I thought I had vaper’s tongue, it was just my coil that got gunked up. Happened in a week after it was new, so it didn’t occur to me at first it was the coil.

Definitely, will take note and at this point, try anything and everything. Thanks@Beaufort_Batches

I hear you. It’s definitely frustrating when you can smell all that tasty eliquid in those bottles but can’t taste a damn thing.

Appriciate all the input +++, don’t need any excuses to smoke a cig for the taste, haha. Fruits do seem to be in my tank more often than not lately, and I’m not a fruity guy. Unfortunately I do love the creams.