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Remit Pod Instagram/Facebook Giveaway

Now Available for Preorder: Elven

The new sleekly designed pod system is the brand new Eleaf Elven. The Eleaf Elven pod system is has two different in flows just by putting the pod in differently in the battery! Letting you have two different vaping experiences with the Elven pod system. The Elven pod system features an easy side fill system with a leakage free system. The Elven pod system is also a button less system, just take a puff anytime and you’re good to go! The Eleaf Elven pod system is meant for nic salts, you’ll be surprised with the flavor and cloud production that this device will give off!

Preorder the Eleaf Elven pod system today and get 10% off.

Now Available for Preorder: Sinuous V200 with Amor NSE Atomizer

Another addition to the Sinuous line is the Sinuous V200. The Wismec Sinuous V200 is the Sinuous V80’s counterpart, but the Sinuous V200 kit is a two cell mod that has a max wattage of 200. The Wismec Sinuous V200 Kit also comes with the Wismec Amor NSE atomizer, which is designed for both MTL and DL vaping, the Amor NSE tank also lets you switch the airflow to different styles, letting you choose how you want to vape the Wismec Amor NSE tank. The Wismec Sinuous V200 mod is stylized with a transparent battery door, along with a centered 510 connection, letting you switch out the Wismec Amor NSE with your tank of preference. The Sinuous V200 kit is an affordable stylish mod that has a lot of options on how you want to vape! Try this new addition to the Sinuous line up

Preorder the Wismec Sinuous V200 kit today and get 10% off.

Now Available for Preorder: Sinuous V80 with Amor NSE Atomizer

The Wismec Sinuous V80 is one of the two newest additions to the Sinuous line. The Sinuous V80 is a one cell 18650 mod with a sleek and simple transparent body. The PC material that the Sinuous V80 mod is made with makes this device light to carry with excellent hand feel, not to mention the cool design of being able to see inside the device. The Wismec Sinuous V80 kit comes with the Wismec Amor NSE atomizer, which features both DL and MTL vaping letting you switch around how you want to vape the Amor NSE tank. The Wismec Amor NSE tank utilizes the new WS-M mesh coil, along with that the AMOR NSE atomizer has a retractable top filling system along with a refined airflow system. The Sinuous V80 kit makes it affordable and stylish to vape on a device like this.

Preorder the Wismec Sinuous V80 kit today and get 10% off.

Now Available for Preorder: Eleaf iJust 21700

The iJust is back, but with an external battery. The iJust 21700 comes with the ELLO Duro atomizer and 2 new HW coils. The Eleaf iJust 21700 kit is capable of using a 21700 or 18650 cell battery. The max wattage of the iJust 21700 kit is 80w. The Eleaf ELLO Duro tank comes with the HW-M2 coils and HW-N2 coils. The HW-M2 and HW-N2 coils that have self-clean and leak proof technology. Along with that the Eleaf ELLO Duro atomizer’s HW coils come with a new porous cotton design. With the combination of these new innovations with the Eleaf HW coil heads and the cloud chasing ELLO Duro atomizer, the Eleaf iJust 21700 mod is a tube mod that you’re going to want to experience.

Preorder the iJust 21700 today and get 10% off!

Introducing the new REMIT Pod System

The REMIT Pod System is a brand new pod system from eXempt. The REMIT Pod system is designed by the most experienced electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world. Being a smoking alternative, the REMIT is a compact, slim, and simple pod system device that you can take anywhere with you without any hassle. Each pod in the eXempt REMIT Pod system is filled with a brand new line of eXempt e-juice with flavors such as: menthol, tobacco, tropical blend, orange cream, and soon to be released la creme. Each pod has the option to contain nicotine levels from 0.6% to 5.0%. The Remit Pod systems aim to simulate the tight draw and nicotine delivery of a cigarette, but without the loss of flavor from E-liquid.

REMIT preorders now active.

Now Available: Wismec Luxotic Surface with KESTREL atomizer

The Wismec Luxotic Surface kit is the smallest squonk box with a 0.49in OLED screen. Regardless of how small the OLED screen is, the Luxotic Surface is still an easy and simple mod to navigate through. The Luxotic Surface mod comes with a magnetic front panel with a unique design for each mod. The Wismec KESTREL tank is an innovative RDTA that utilizes a new mesh heater design that gives a larger heating area for better flavor and clouds. The Wismec Luxotic Surface mod is powered by a single 18650 battery with a max output of 80W.

Order the Luxotic Surface kit now!


The Joyetech EXCEED Grip pod system takes on the classic boxy design. The Joyetech EXCEED Grip kit also has two unique IML patterns to boasts its uniqueness; choose which side that best defines you! With the EXCEED Grip you have two styles of pod cartridges; one using a changeable EX coil head and another having a built-in coil system. The newEX-M mesh head will give you the most flavor and clouds, even with this small and compact box. TheJoyetech EXCEED Grip is also equipped with an innovative DBP technology (Dry Burn Technology), which lets you vape as much as you want, but stops when you’re low on e-juice so you don’t run the risk of burning your coil. This small and compact box, the EXCEED Grip kit is perfect for both starter and experienced vapers.


I would like to tell you all about Remit by eXempt, not the average e-cigarette. Created in Orange County California, The Remit is here to help guide the world of pod systems and the vaping industry, by focusing on those who truly are looking for a cleaner smoking alternative. With the smoker in mind, The REMIT pod system focuses on simplicity and efficiency to satisfy your nicotine need.


The REMIT pod system is easy to use and will instantly satisfy your needs. Here are some of the reasons why REMIT by Exempt is the best choice for your everyday vaping needs:

A slim profile that is designed to fit into your hand effortlessly,
Utilizes color coded flavored pods to easily differentiate between e-juice flavors.
Firmware Upgradable with a hard reset feature, coil and short circuit protection.
Whether you prefer a long inhale or short puffs, the REMIT by Exempt will always satisy
Easily Charges in 45 minutes using a standard Micro USB
Features a triple coated gold connection point to ensure a consistent vaping experience
1.2 ml pod Utilizing a 1.5 ohm Stainless Steel Coil
Color Coded LED indicator using the intuitive colors red, yellow and green for current battery capacity

Customer Service is standing by to help you with any question you might have about the Remit Pod System.

The REMIT pod system by eXempt was designed with you in mind, every single step of the way.

Get your today at https://remitpod.com/

Now Available for Preorder: Joyetech eRoll MAC

The eRoll Mac is an elegant all-in-one device that can use both nicotine salts and CBD. The eRoll MAC mod is a all device that has everything in one place. The easy pen system, the Joyetech eRoll MAC has a 0.55ml refillable cartridge, advanced 1.5ohm ceramic coil bringing soft flavor for MTL lovers. Along with the many innovations to this AIO, the eRoll MAC also has many multi protections, including overall battery protection of over-charging, over-current, and over-discharging, making the Joyetech eRoll MAC both advanced and reliable. The Joyetech eRoll MAC AIO’s 1.5ohm ceramic coil head is perfect for both nicotine salt and CBD.

Preorder the Joyetech eRoll Mac and get 10% off!

Now Available for Preorder: iStick Rim with MELO 5 Atomizer

The newest member of the Eleaf iStick family is finally here! It’s the Eleaf iStick Rim with MELO 5 tank. It’s small and colorful design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The Eleaf iStick Rim mod is a 3000mAh battery that has a max output of 80W. The Eleaf iStick Rim kit comes paired with a Type-C port along with a supported QC 3.0, which means faster charging. The Eleaf MELO 5 atomizer is a uniquely designed atomizer with a top fill solution along with a child-lock security. The Eleaf MELO 5 tank also comes with a smart bottom lock that lets you unscrew the atomizer glass without letting any e-juice and comfortably changing your coil without all that e-juice mess. Faster and easier coil replacement with the MELO 5 atomizer. The iStick Rim kit comes with a lot of new features that you’re going to want to experience.

Preorder the Eleaf iStick Rim kit with the MELO 5 tank today and get 10% off!

Now Available for Preorder: iCare Flask

The newest device from the iCare device family is finally here and it’s the iCare Flask. The Eleaf iCare Flask is a simple and compact mod. The Eleaf iCare Flask mod is small and compact for you to take along with you in your pocket or in your bag. The iCare Flask has a built in 520mAh battery. The iCare Flask kit keeps its stealth design with a magnetic and recessive tank. Keeping with its stealth look, the Eleaf iCare Flask has a button free operation, just inhale and you’re good to go.

Preorder the Eleaf iCare Flask kit today and get 10% off

Now Available for Preorder: Wismec Trough Atomizer

The new Wismec Trough tank is a new sub-ohm tank that features two new coil heads; WT01 single 0.35ohm head and a WT02 dual 0.2ohm head that’ll produce flavorful clouds. What makes the Trough tank different is the WT mesh coils. The Wismec WT coil heads are a formula that consists of 30% wood pulp and 70% organic cotton, which equips the coil heads with a better e-liquid permeability and more uniform flavor. The Trough atomizer is also equipped with EFVP technology which makes the Trough atomizer more durable, especially when it comes to keeping its color. The Wismec Trough atomizer is a stepping stone to more innovative tanks in the industry. Making the Wismec Trough tank an atomizer you’re going to want to try.

Preorder the Trough tank today!