[REQ] Anna maes slug juice

has anyone tried this? It’s awesome. I would love to recreate it.

I haven’t bought liquid for personal use in ages. From the description, it’s a strawberry kiwi with an ‘extra’ fruit kick. not sure if that means it’s extra flavorful or has a(n) added fruit(s) to it. I would say something like watermelon or banana would be good in a strawberry kiwi. Unfortunately, I don’t have any kind of kiwi flavor or have any clue what the best one would be, but you could try searching ELR for strawberry kiwi.

Hope that at least give you somewhere to start. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

I can taste a hint of green apple at the end of the vape, but am also curious about using water with mixing and what effect it has on the flavor

Green apple sounds like it’d work, too. There’s a thread hanging out around here that people have talked about using distilled water. I bought some ages ago to try and never got around to it, so I can’t help ya there. Good luck!


While I too love this juice, I won’t be purchasing anything from Anna Mae’s again. Directly or otherwise. Not so much because I am now DIYing but because what I’ve learned and begun to think about them since I first encountered them.

I bought what was supposed to be an authentic Vicious Ant Kraken and recently learned that it in fact is a clone. I have also begun to think better of their mixing “facility.” It’s basically the back room… No big deal I suppose but if you’ve ever been in the front room and seen the way they keep it, you’d think better of it too. Inventory strewn about, atty building materials all over the counters… Not to mention the ‘professional’ appearance of the staff: T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, many of the staff is over-weight and has an unkempt, unshaven appearance. Just makes me question what the quality control is like…

Another thing I wonder about is the color of their juices. I haven’t seen any other juice that has the colors their juices have nor do my own have “pretty” colors. What are they adding to give it the color? I don’t really want anything added that is purely for appearance. Kinda defeats the purpose of switching from analogs.

I still have an unopened bottle of Slug Juice I doubt I’ll ever vape… Just my 2cents. Hope I don’t offend or seem like a snob. But, you gotta wonder.

Found this post looking for the same thing. I’m not a fan of the coloring additive so would love to find a clone.

Anybody ever find a good clone?

It may be a dab of TFA Sour. This works really well for bringing out nuances in fruit flavors and being sour it sometimes depending on what it’s mixed with may give the illusion of being a sour green apple. IMHO

Ya coulda left the over weight comment out. Don’t think that is a consideration as to their ability or anything. to do with mixing juice.

I agree with you in a sense. Although, if one doesn’t care enough about their own health & appearance, how can they be trusted to care about yours while making the juice you consume?

I recently found this recipe and I’d say it’s spot on. Having never used these flavors until this recipe I have a confession to make. This recipe will turn a shade of green as it ages. I’ve never had any of my others do this and believe it is the pear that does it. I also now believe this recipe may either be a version of Snake Oil or maybe the other way around. I haven’t done the research to see which came first.
I will also say that I never would have guessed the main flavor in this juice was supposed to be pear. I don’t really get pear form the original Slug Juice, this recipe or TPA’s pear concentrate but I do love this recipe.
Either way, if your interested in Slug Juice, give this a try:

Slug Juice
6.00% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
4.00% Apple (TPA)
3.00% Pear (TPA)
2.00% Marshmallow (TPA)
Adapted from
eLiquid recipe: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/315503/Appleberry
eLiquid user: tbt127

Heres my try at this juice.Remix of Slug juice # Remixmonth recipe | All The Flavors