[REQ] CCD's honey badger .... anyone?

Hi guys.
I’m new here. Never done any juice yet but I can’t wait to start. I’m in love with ccd honey badger and I can’t wait to do it on my own. Anyone ever tryied to clone it? Any thoughts on what flavours to use? What flavour company would be the best one? Appreciate any help.

@tam_walton Welcome, and please accept this as gentle advice from a recently promoted to one notch above Newb (me) Cloning is an advanced skill and when attempting to clone Cosmic Charlie’s you are taking on the top of the heap. As said before in our [REQ] zone we could hand you the exact recipe and there would still be many challenges you would need to master to be able to make a single bottle of juice. Your desire however is highly encouraged! We all started the same way for the same reasons and many hang on to that one juice they hope to one day clone.

Read some other [REQ] threads as the advice applies across DIY. All the answers you seek are here, but there’s no getting around alot of reading. Here’s a good place to start based on what you asked!


@BoDarc Thanks dude, appreciate it. I have recently changed my tank from original tc100 by innokin to aspire cleito… and honey badger tastes even better in it so even if I’ll need to sit on that recipe for months, I wll master it. Thaks for your help.

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Ok so i think honey badger would be a mix of tabacco, cream, sweetner maybe a bit of vanilla but how to work out the %