[REQ] Clone for GranDaddy by Blue Elixir

My mate travels to the US on a semi-regular basis, mainly Las Vegas, and found his favourite all time juice.


We can get it imported in the UK but it is absolutely extortionate.

I have searched the Internet but cannot find a clone. Is anybody aware of one? Not only am I trying to get it for my mate, I’m dying to try it myself since he’s going on about it that much!!!

Cheers folks. :grinning:

I’m not aware of any direct clones, but if you’re looking to give it a go yourself, I would start by looking at some of the recipes here, and see if any of them look like they’d fit the flavor profile you’re looking for. I’d especially look at any of the ones by @Josephine_van_Rijn or @Kinnikinnick as they have a lot of experience with tobaccos. Good luck! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks JoJo. I’ll give them a look. I’m new to DIY and am really keen to understand how flavour profiles work with each other. I’d far rather do it myself than just follow a recipe.

Is there anywhere I can read about flavour profiles and trying to understand mixing with them? Things like recognising what types of flavours are being used in a juice I am using.

I am an avid Scotch whisky collector (and drinker) and love building flavour profiles of new whisky and I’m hoping I will enjoy the same thing with juices.

Thanks again.

So many you won’t know what to do with yourself! :wink:

There’s some great advice in this thread:

And this post:

Our local gourmet chef and prolific recipe creator @DarthVapor recommends a copy of The Flavor Bible.

Hope that will at least get you started. :slightly_smiling:


Wow!! Thanks a million for all of this JoJo. That most certainly will get me started and I’ll hunt out a copy of the book.

I really appreciate you taking the time. :grinning:

All shall bow down to the queen of helpful links!


PMSL!!! I take it you’ll suffer for that. Lol!!