[REQ] Digbys Mums Custard

Hi new to this group and just now starting to make my own juice has anybody got a clone to digbys mums custard thanks


Vendor description:

“Everyone and their dog has a custard nowadays. Ours is a little bit special, Vanilla Custard with slowly simmered milk and brown sugar. This 50/50 juice will leave all you custard hunters wanting more.”

Welcome to ELR @Stu15. Have you tried to replicate it yourself yet? If so, what have you tried?

It sounds yum!

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HI no not yet gonna have a go tonight as I got my starter kit today so will see what happens have you got any nice custard recipes

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Exciting times ahead!

Here are two of my favourite custards:


And @MysticRose’s


You might wanna read through this thread too:


Thanks ill give them ago I let you know how I get on thank you


Yes, if you crack it then please do share! Good luck and have fun!


Awwwww, thank you @Lolly :blush: I’m happy you enjoy it!

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Hi lolly just made the g custard but made 30ml bottle went on adjust and changed from ten to 30ml and changed pg and vg but the amounts has changed to less than you put in for 10ml but the total %says it’s the same is that right thanks

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Hi Stu, the original recipe is for 100ml not 10ml, so the amount will reduce.

Post a pic of your amended version just to be certain :+1:

ETA: I omit the Ethyl Maltol when I make it. :grin:

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Yes, that’s right beaut.

What you might want to do is change your settings to manufacturer specific gravities - some concentrates weigh slightly more/less - this will provide you with more accuracy in terms of how much concentrate to use.

E.g. If I create the same recipe as you, you can see that the concentrates needed are increased slightly:

To do this, click the user tab over on the recipe side, click on preferences and check the box that says ‘Use manufacturer specific gravities’ (remember to click ‘save’).

Hope this helps/makes sense to you?

Have a read through the guide too:


And this thread is also very useful:



Hi lolly just tried that mums custard I made last week and it’s tasting real nice after a week you should make some and try