[REQ] PJ Bros madison

new to diy and looking for a push in the right direction

Consider yourself pushed and welcome aboard :smile:
A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes


What is the flavor profile? Do you have a link?

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I’ve read that and it was/is helpful but not the answer I’m looking for

Super hard since I don’t know the juice


may get you something close. If you can narrow down the flavors you taste you can narrow the search down some as well.

Best I can do, sorry

If you follow that link and learn how to do this you can get very good at making any flavor you want but learning takes time.

Fairly vague description on the website. “Glazed” does it taste at all like a donut? Cookie do you taste cookie? Do you taste vanilla? The blueberry is it dark and deep tasting? Or like jam? Or candy?

Is it buttery? Do you taste brown sugar? Cake? My bet is they blended a cookie, cake and a donut and called it crumble…