REQ Taffy Man - Grape Taffy clone

My wife is obsessed with Taffy Man Grape Taffy. I haven’t found any clones for it. Has anyone tried to make it or any
suggestions of which flavors would be best to try? Any help would be appreciated.


No leads on a clone. I’d try using something like Saltwater Taffy (LorAnn and Flavor West both have one), and maybe grape juice and/or grape candy (both TPA), and maybe grape concord (FA) and/or grape (FW).

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Found someone using this as a taffy base for their banana cream haven’t tried it just thought I’d share though
FA Cookie 1.5%
FA Marshmallow 4%
CAP Cake Batter 3%

from what I’ve read the LorAnn’s Grape tastes like Candy so dunno maybe try that? PS gremlin diy has that in the clear variety LOL


Another Thought… Arnie has a recipe what about adapting that and taking out the Tart and Sour and Tutti Fruity and add the grape candy ?

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Thanks, this will give me a place to start.

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Hey Monty,

Would love to know if you manage to get close! I’ve literally only started mixing over the last few days and this is my favorite liquid! Would love to be able to mix it myself!

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As far as Grapes go, I love Capellas Concord Grape with Stevia. I have been mixing a lot with it lately. Toss in some INW Grape and it really shines. I bet JoJo gave the best suggestion to try the Taffy flavors and some grape. It seems funny. But why else would they call it taffy?

It may have a tad bit of yogurt in it too to add to that tangy flavor.

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Bump! I would love the Taffy Man recipe. I have tried with FW Salt Water Taffy and that turns out very similiar to Vape Headz by Vape Troopers but no dice on Taffy Man, I also tried with authormichellehughes recipe suggestion as base with no dice. I believe they are indeed using FW Salt Water Taffy, but there’s one other very prominent flavor I cant figure out. If someone can nail that one flavor, the recipe will be had…

I tried cloning this after my first bottle of taffy man grape. It’s not 100% but it’s pretty close to start with.
1.25ml Grape Juice (MFS)
1ml Salt Water Taffy (Flavor West)
.75ml Sweetner (TFA)
totals 90vg/10%pg for a 30ml bottle

Taffy Man is one of my favorites and I have been searching for a clone for awhile. I think I have identified an important missing ingredient. My friends and I all agreed it had some sort of bubble gum component. I have tried many combinations of bubble gum, taffy, cotton candy and similar flavors. One night I was vaping Taffy Man on a dirty gunked up coil and it isolated one flavor, the gum flavor… after a minute it dawned on me… not bubble gum, but Juicy Fruit. I ordered the Flavor West and Signature Juicy Fruit. The Signature is too banana based, but the FW… thats the one. This is my latest attempt for the TR4 BLU. It is still not close to being a clone and I don’t claim it to be, but I am getting closer. At this point I am not sure Taffy Man has any taffy flavor in it. I hope better juice mixers than me can play with this and come up with something better.

FW Juicy Fruit 5%
FW Blueberry 10%
FW Saltwater Taffy 5%
FW Sweetener 1%

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If you need a grape that is really sweet like grape soda or grape candy, Flavorah’s new grape is that. In all honesty, I’m not really into the grape thing so I haven’t tried many, but this one is sticky sweet and very much on the candy side rather than a real grape.

Closer… since identifying Juicy Fruit as to what I believe is the the mystery flavor, I tried another batch. My attention is now on the sweetener. It certainly isn’t just FW sweetener or one of the other brands a friend gave me. Two things I have noticed is that it is a more rounded candy type of taste and that all the Taffy Man juices have a slight golden amber tint to them, but that could be from any flavor or heat steeping. I stumbled on my Capella marshmallow. It has that more full candy type of sweetness, and its a dark golden color. I have been adding drops and its really tasting good, but I need to mix up a batch from scratch and use only the marshmallow as sweetener.

I’d say the amber was more likely from the nicotine oxidizing than a flavor, although some do tend to have an interesting effect on color (like turning them pink or purple lol). You might try some Pyure (liquid stevia). I’ve got some, haven’t used it, but it’s supposed to work really well to sweeten things up and make fruity flavors pop.

Well I usually buy Taffy Man in 0mg. and add my own nicotine. Even the 0 mg has the slight amber tinge. Mixing another batch up later tonight.

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I mixed up

FW Juicy Fruit 4%
Capella Marshmallow 5%

I used this as a base, and after some vaping it seems pretty close. It has the exact color, and blending it with a blueberry base almost has the taste and definitely is really close on the smell. It doesn’t quite have the level of sweetness, but I haven’t added the fruit and I will try this recipe with some of the FW Saltwater Taffy.

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My latest attempt. Not what I would consider a clone yet, but a lot of similarities in taste and smell. It is tasty enough that I will buy very little if any Taffy Man in the future. It satisfies my Taffy Man craving. Still undecided about the FW saltwater taffy, not sure it added anything other than sweetness. Right now I have this base mixed with some TFA Blueberry Wild and its pretty darn good. Thank you JoJo for the stevia suggestion. I hate stevia as a substitute for sugar in my coffee, but I was reading the other thread about it and it sounds really good.

FW Juicy Fruit 4%

Capella Marshmallow 4%

FW Saltwater Taffy 3%

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I don’t like stevia either, but the newer stevias seem to be better at removing that awful bitter taste it used to have. I actually used the pyure in my tea and it wasn’t as gross as I’d remembered stevia being. I haven’t vaped it yet, though. From what I’ve heard it doesn’t vape the same as it tastes, so it’s probably good. I really need to try it out. LoL.

Hi Jim, did you still tried with the taffy man grape’s recipe? I’m really interested in your clone version of taffy man. Can you tell me all I need to know about this recipe? (base, vg/pg, nicotine % etc…)

I’m new in the diy recipes so excuse me for my noobish :slight_smile:

Hi fresy, I haven’t tried duplicating the grape lately, as I am a bigger fan of the TR4BLU and the H2OBRY. I did get some Taffy Man grape awhile ago that was still a few months from expiring but had already gone bad.It turned a dark brown color and it wasn’t from nicotine because it was 0mg. I really think because of the taste,smell and color of the TM grape that they use Flavor West Natural Grape. After getting some TM recently and comparing to what I have been mixing, I realized how overpowering my mixes have been. This is what I mixed last night:

FW Juicy Fruit 2%

CAP Marshmallow 3%

CAP Super Sweet 1%

CAP Blueberry Jam 5%

This is in 70VG 30PG 1.5nic. I will probably increase the marshmallow up to 4% as it was lacking a little sweetness and mouth feel. The jam was a good flavor but too strong at 5% so will probably decrease that to 3.5%-4%.

Welcome to DIY! We were all noobs, and I still feel like a noob a lot of times. Never hesitate to ask questions. The people here have so much knowledge and are kind enough to share.

Hi Jim22,

thnks for your reply.
I’m smoking the repices you wrote in here. I like it and it remember me about the original gr8ape from TM.
I read the other topic where you was tryn’ to make a TM base with these ingredients:

Juicy Fruit (FW) 4%
Marshmallow (CAP) 5%
Sweetener (FW) 1%
(+ FW Natural Grape)

I’m goint to get what I miss + super sweet and Blueberry Jam from the above recice.

Tnks mate :wink:
PS: sry for my english :frowning: