I think @juice_junkie_lover means this sweet tea http://www.onestopdiyshop.com/product-p/ossst9.htm

However since you asked about Capella’s Sweet Tea I like to use it around 5-6% depending how strong the other flavors are I’m pairing it w/ http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/5241 also available at OSDIYS is Caps sweet tea http://www.onestopdiyshop.com/product-p/cp-swt-13.htm


Ah, the quest for vapeable tea! This has been haunting me for a while now. I adore Guanyin tea… the link you provided seems to be Matcha tea, though. Another label you might try is 茶道, from Taiwan, too. Heard they’re really, really close.

As for recipes, I don’t have anything to offer, I’m afraid. :cry: The concentrates I tried that are labelled “Tie Guanyin” are all just pungent. Even the extracts made from tea leaves are a far cry from the real thing. Tea is rather hard to nail down.

The only recipes I have for you are for other teas:
Chai Tea I found this one is really close to real chai tea and rather yummy, too.
Zen This is my own recipe, still beta, so try at your own risk :wink: I find it quite pleasant, though.


@Naseschwarz so I am not the only one in love with tea flavours unfortunately it’s hard to find some good recipes on intenet. for example I mixed Honeydew milk tea from [ENYAWREKLAW] and is too pungent as you said and nothing remind me the taste of tea. I have a bottle of Inawera Black power tea at 5% and it smells and taste so weird :confounded:

It is a real shame. I would drink tea all day long, if I could sleep at night afterwards! :laughing: I tried extracting (cold PG maceration and hot one, too), but the results were crap, to be frank. I’d have to research what the tea’s flavour molecules bind to…

Anyhow, back on topic! Waiting for more recipes. :expressionless:

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5% sounds really high for anything made by INW. Try 1-3%, their stuff is usually really concentrated.

@The_Good_Way yes you are right everywhere I am reading people recommend 1-3 % .

I will receive a couple of bottle of Tea Up soon and this time I will try to taste it a take notes because honestly the first time I didn’t taste it well because I was using the eleaf I just S and I couldn’t notice any creamy tobacco as they say in the description

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Ok guys I am so excited I received 2 bottle of Black guanin and it smell so good (FAP FAP) I will vape it soon and try to understand why it’s so special but I can tell you immediately that smell like herbs (tea) real tea like if is an extract. What do you think this company is using to make this flavor? I am a noob in DIY juice so I don’t know all the flavouring out there but I am wondering if is possible that TEA UP is using real tea for these products or they found or create their own flavoring?

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In my understanding, finding/creating their own flavouring basically means finding a suitable extraction and concentration method - anyone, correct me if I’m wrong, please. Although there is the possibility of building flavourings “from scratch” with artificial stuff, but I don’t know the specifics.

There are not many vendors left that carry Tie Guanyin flavouring that I haven’t tried. I found five, if I remember correctly. From messing around with the three I have, I can tell you that’s definitely not in any liquid that will smell like the actual tea. Or maybe my nose is messed up, it’s anything but tea really…

I once thought to myself, why not make some tea, maybe quite concentrated (using water, of course), and use that as an ingredient in mixing. Could become very spitty… or maybe transferring the flavour of the ready made tea to PG, instead of extracting the tea leaves??


Could you heat some PG up to say 50°c or a little higher and brew a tea with it. then use that as a base. My concern would be the tannins in particular teas. Don’t have a clue what happens when vaped. But is that what your after a tea flavour just like a drink from leafed tea?

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Yes, I’m after the taste of brewed tea. From what I recall, PG develops a funny aroma (some taste it, some don’t, I do) when heated above 70C - it’s been a while since I tried this.
You seem like the right guy to ask @Volition, what do you think would be best to extract the flavour from tea (leaves or drink)? PG, Ethanol, water?

No idea.I can only compare Alcohol/ethanol and water. In Cuisine they don’t use PG (They do but very, very rarely).

Alcohol is better for oil based flavinoids and water for other’s it depends there are books that have done the work on what is best. And with my quick research what suits infusion in Alcohol will suit PG, so as we would prefer to vape on PG i would eliminate alcohol/ethanol as an option. Mind you Alcohol is better substrate then PG (something to consider depending on result)

modernist cuisine nathan myhrvold - He does not have recomendations for tea in Alcohols only water. So I’m not sure what will happen. Might need to find the best “tea brewers” forum and ask over there, or do the test yourself as unfortunately I do not have the experience or know of any information in my realm that could help.My concern is that different flavinoids will be extracted in alcohol then in water.

Ok but in water the go is

Yep amazingly Green tea steeps best in a cool controlled sous vide bath at 3c wow. For us I would put in the fridge the water first you intend on steeping. do the steep in the fridge and stir every minute or two for 12 minutes.

Just as a side note this paper basically tells you to steep tea for a short as possible to reduce metals steeping. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jt/2013/370460/

In conclusion, Water steeping as above. Do a test against water steeping using PG make observations. Use the same parameters for both. However, Don’t take the PG above the temp that it degrades at. Do you know what that is?

So I couldn’t answer your question, but have given you plenty of info to make some headroads. PLease be sure to feedback your goings on.


Wow guys thank you very much for the info. As soon I got some time I will give it a try. I got an Asian Market nearby my place and I am going to have a look if I can find some Guanyin and I want to compare the smell and taste with the e-juice.
It’s amazing how our common goal (stay away from tobacco) make us a big community!!!

Cheers guys love u all xD

Can I ask , what type of tea is it? Black, White, Green, Herbal, other?

It’s black tea, I never tried the real black guanyin but my girlfriend said it’s really popular in asia

OK, so we need some answers from some more experienced vapers.

As black tea is best steeped in water, can some experienced vapers clue us in on the best way to mix a water based flavour into a mix. I’ve never done it and I do not know anything about it.

If it really is a no go, then we need to do some experiments with steeping in PG (I’ll assume you are ok to vape PG). Let’s get some feedback and go from there.

As a related question for anyone who’s done the research, what is the highest temp you would take PG up to and be alright with it’s integrity? (This info could be important, maybe and besides I’m interested to know)

Hopefully talk soon with the next move.

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One can add any tea to very warm VG and let steep for a few weeks or months. Did this not long ago with a decaf blend. Because of the very dark color I have never vaped it. Guess I could. Stuff is reddish brown

Of course we can do it. But we need to know if we can use it. :confused:

BTW I answered the question myself about the limit of heating PG it is 40c. I found this in a link at dow chemicals in regards to PG. So there is one question answered.

But the question we need answered is using water in recipes. Does it work ok? what are the considerations?

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Guanyin is a semi-fermented tea. As we don’t have a proper, well-known term for that, it’s said to be “black tea”. However, black tea is fully fermented, while Tie Guanyin’s fermentation is stopped mid-way - when exactly is depending on the blend, variety etc.


Great info right there, many thanks! What is the intended use of the product of what we see in the image? Intended for cooking?

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A couple threads might come in handy here: