[REQ] Unicorn Milk Clone

I am so beyond obsessed with cuttwood unicorn milk, but I’m also trying to start DIYing, and was hoping someone had a good starting point for a clone for me! any help would be greatly appreciated

There are a lot of Unicorn Milk clones on ELR


I made this one. If you have Vanillin in 10% that is the ideal vanilla but I subbed vanilla swirl for it and it worked fine for me. I haven’t bought another bottle since ! Hope you find a good jumping off point !

I don’t normally share recipes I’ve created, but I do have my own take on Unicorn’s Milk and it’s a steady rotational ADV for me. I’m feeling nice today so here is a damn good recipe for all of you folks to start vaping. :smile:

I call it Unicorns:
Bavarian Cream (TFA) - 2%
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) - 4%
French Vanilla Ice Cream (FW) - 2%
Vanilla Custard V2 (CAP) - 8%
Vanilla Swirl (TFA) - 2%
Vanillin 10% (TFA) - 1%
Whipped Cream (TFA) - 1%

I mix all my juices at 3mg, 20PG/80VG. Let me know how you like it!


Heres very similar clone i made that is fantastic:

Its called unicorn dream :slight_smile:

This is supposedly it:


Here is the one I have been making
Unicorn Milk
(Cap) New York Cheesecake 6%
(Cap) Vanilla Custard 2%
(Cap) Sweet Strawberry 10%
(Tfa) Sweet Cream 3%
(Tfa) Bavarian Cream 3%

Easy Unicorn Milk
(Cap) Sweet Strawberry Cream 6.25%
(Cap) Vanilla Custard 12.5%

Steep 3-4 days