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RTA on squonk

I picked up my first RTA Geek Vape ZEUS X MESH and wanted to double check that it would be compatible and safe to use on my Topside squonk mod with the squonk bottle removed. Cant afford a new box mod at the moment. Is this safe to do with a 21700?


It works fine, and is safe as anything vape related. I use RTA,s on mine now and then.


Squonk mods aren’t that smart. Except for the BF pin in the 510 they fire the same as regular mods.


cheers, thanks for the info


I’ve used tanks on my Feedlink or Pico Squeeze type devices. I was a big fan of those starter tube kits like Smok Stick series or Eleafs Ijust series. The tanks run on a direct output type situation. The squonk mods I mentioned perform similarly but have a bottle and BF pin… Those can be optional if you choose to ignore them. Same goes for VW squonks if you’d like to use a tank.

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