RY4 Double (TPA)

Hi, this is my first post here and am new to mixing. im having some issues with ry4 double and tobacco flavors in general.

is it common to experience a fuel soaked nut flavor from ry4 double? i thought it may have been my mix percentage/steep time. so far y ry4 double mix has tasted like this and has been steeping for 5 weeks now and no change in flavor has occurred.

Also, i purchased Charlie Noble’s Tripoli and have found the same fuel soaked nut flavor in that too so im starting to think that my expectations of tobacco flavors may not align with the realities of tobacco flavor. the exception is 13th floor elevapour’s django, which i very much enjoy.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Some of us find RY4 Double astringent like that. You may have just joined the ranks. But, there are far more enjoyable tobacco flavors you might like.


This liquid contains nuts and spices, maybe you don’t like the combo, doesn’t say nothing about the tobacco’s involved, you might like them on their own.
No nuts in this one, maybe that’s why you like it.
Personally I do like RY4 double but I find it to be more of a bakery than a tobacco flavour.


The “mechanics” of taste vary widely for Humans. That is why you will see “subjective” in many of the posts here on ELR. Just experiences growing up can affect your perception of a food …say your Mom made you eat all those Brussel Spouts and you get out of the house and rule number one becomes “never another brussel sprout!”

Now you are in the realm of chemical flavorings vs your olfactory DNA where one of the biggest things in e-juice DIY is eventually finding what you Love/Hate. Only way to figure that out is mixin’ it and vapin’ it. Welcome to the Forum @Odious_Viking, great post and the way to get some good advice. Best of Luck finding what you can All Day Vape~! That reminds me I gotta make those Brussel Sprouts tonight …yummo oven roasted with Cherrywood smoked bacon and balsamic vinegar :smirk:


No it’s all OK, your taste buds are working just fine. Let’s take a step back and look at a 10,000 foot over view of “Tobacco” and vaping. Here you go: (my 2 cents only, as this is a contentious subject)

There are THREE distinct classes of “tobacco” flavors offered to vapers.

  • One is extracts made from real tobacco plants.
  • The Other is fully synthetic artificial chemical laboratory creations that attempt to re-create a tobacco ‘profile’
  • The THIRD is just mixtures of caramel, vanilla, fruits, whatever and the manufacturer slaps a label on it that says something about “tobacco”. This last group may have very minor amount of certain tobacco bases, but they are totally swamped out by other flavors overly sweet or otherwise distracting profile components. This group includes things like your samples mentioned above, particularly RY4 has been abused in the flavor world to the point of no return. My best advice to stay away from this group of products.

From Group #2 above, When you are tastings fully synth mixes it is very common to detect the presence of nut like flavors. The standard approach by the flavoring chemist to get near “tobacco” in a vape liquid, while not using any real tobacco plants is to combine various artificial smoke flavors and various artificial nut hull flavors like almond, walnut and so forth. If done very cleverly this can actually work to some degree, but requires great skill. For a group of such item see my review of a few of them here:

From Group #1 above, you have a choice: Make your own NET or buy responsibly manufactured ready to vape tobacco extract items from any one a number of suppliers that have been doing this successfully for years. Purchasing pre-made they are expensive, but the quality is there. Vendors like Want2Vape, BlackNote, naturally-extracted-tobacco-com and many others.

To save a lot of money and have a great DIY adventure, From Group #1 above you can go the route of DIY NET. There is an extensive area of this forum that deals with this subject. See it here

In closing, I want to say that you have been “sucker punched” in a classic way, and many good new vapers like you have gone in your foot steps previously. What I mean by that is that you came into vaping thinking “Humm, tobacco seems like a reasonable place to start…” So you used the word “tobacco”, not realizing that the vaping world you just stepped into was going to sucker punch you by changing the meaning of that word. It is just a marketing catchall word now that has rendered it meaningless. You said “tobacco” and they handed you RY4 ! What a dirty trick !!!

It is a little bit of a long path and work load on your part to find real tobacco in the evolving vape world, but keep at it, you will get there. It really does exist !!!



i think it would be better if you just say which recipe you used it in.maybe it is not the ry4d the problem,but one or more of the other ingredients.if you are using some kind of nuts in the recipe,maybe that’s the source of the problem.
I have said the same thing in other threads,but some people just don’t like it;ry4d is not a tobacco flavor.it is more a bakery-vanilla-dark caramel flavor with a light tobacco base.it needs assistance from other tobaccos to work in a mix.
I would like to see your recipe,if you want to share it here and talk about it


No contention. Best reply of the week. If @Odious_Viking has his eyes set on some Tobac-centric Vapes, your post gives him all he needs to research and learn lots. This is likely one of the most complicated DIY arenas and will require hours of reading and surfing. He sure landed in the right place. You just saved Dude days of work and pointed him in the right direction(s). Very generous.

My point was while you may hate your Mom’s boiled-n-water sprouts, it’s really about the recipe, but I didn’t want to redirect him to some of the good RY4 recipes I might like because he said he hated it …chances are high he’d hate anything with RY4 Double. Everybody has been right on point re: RY4D …should be called BAT …Barely Any Tobacco. Best thing shared is the “Oh no, you’re not crazy”, so just chalk it up to “RY4D=Nope”


What are your expectations with tobacco flavors? If you’ve got some specific ideas in mind, I can possibly point you in a better direction.


Django, I think was cloned already, it was odd % of like 20% of royal club tobacco.

otherwise, Im vaping more tobacco these days, N.E.T

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