SB Flavors?

I can not meet supply and demand, and these flavors will not go public.
There are quite a few here that do use the elr calculator for them… however…
My lab has restricted me, because they are no longer making in mass bulk these flavors.
Because I work for them, they do make enough for me to short sell, but not enough to become tfa,cap, etc… Sorry. I can sell limited amounts of what is left, but that is all.
I appreciate your offer to do reviews etc… but I can not supply the world with what I have.
I did use to ship to Greece, Japan, some in France…but because of the market, it is not worth the investment for my lab to go further in vaping.

I know you are just finding out… however I have been private for a long time.

Dont forget the Rhum! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well clearly I can’t change your mind mr. Pro vapes. She’s sold under many names. Sb flavors, tsfs, and a few others. She was mixing during the first market collapse, when ecigs were first coming up in popularity.

And apparently, you mere mortals haven’t all figured that out. Elr and atf are still full of people using flv at 5+ %, using rc and as at 1-2%… so… idk. I tried to help. Sorry smoky, I’m out. Bedtime over here.

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Now you shed a different light and I’m sorry you ended up on the short end… It sounds like you were onto something. I guess we’re all sorry it didn’t work out.


Me too @Pro_Vapes, me too… :frowning:


Im off too, busy weekend but things will be back to normal next week @Fuzzygantt
tag me later! :slight_smile:

Smoky Blue has been in the game long long time, her flavors and expectations for flavor recipes are the shelf hidden above the top shelf. It’s the stuff you ask the jewelry store to show you whats in the good box lmao

If there was a wise monk in an ancient temple that you’d seek out flavors from, she’d be one of them.

I don’t think no one questioned her skills. I was curious about the sb flavors because they are brand new to me… like hours new. But do I deserve a lashing for just for wanting a review… you’ve tried them, and you say they’re brilliant… but not a single note to this claim. Can we talk about the flavors? Secrecy don’t help sales. But then I find out she’s not in business for money. CONFUSING!


And some will never know. It’s not always about the money. Amazing…


Yep… I agree. Greatness does prevail in the end.


Well, knowing her history of how long shes been mixing, and the flavor companies shes been associated with and the quality of her mixing prowess, I mean, she didn’t say shes not in the business for money, she said she prefers to keep it private or semi-private, but I don’t think that you “deserve a lashing” that’s kind of rash…and silly.

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You kinda summed it up DJ… Most things about SB seems to be secret, but I’ve learned a lot tonight. Not everyone is a SIMPLETON and I don’t know anyone that create flavors from scratch. But I have worked with some SUPER DUPER CONCENTRATES AND EXTRACTS so it ain’t foreign to me. but that’s where my interest lies. There’s just so much praise and attitude, but I just want flavor info.

Anyway… thanks DJ. I’m wondering when you became a mouth piece? Consider me in my place.


@Pro_Vapes, I’m not going to entertain your self-victimization when you come suspicious at one of the most longest-standing mixers in the DIY community, she stated clearly how you could order the flavors. (or start calling me a mouth-piece, I can only assume it was in derogatory format)

Let it be clear that no, I’m not being a mouth-piece, (that’s cute that’s your taking shots at me, I have no idea why though)

No, no one is attacking you or giving you lashes or trying to put you in your spot.

I’m calling your passive aggressive b.s out, and I can only respectfully ask you to stop. This reflects back to the post you had a few weeks back of why you don’t understand why people think you have an attitude…its when you start responding like this.

Please stop with this passive aggressive, woe-is-me, name-calling b.s. it’s childish.


I guess ya still don’t get it. I dont sell publicly, I did not create the line, they come from my lab. (scroll up, i said this before)

I am not going to list 400+ flavors up, with reviews here, when I do not sell here, or there, but only to a small group on fb. If people want to use elr for figuring out how much of my flavor they are using in a recipe, no it is not illegal.

but I only trust my family on FB.

and that is fine… I am limited in what I have, I do not do free samples, I don’t need reviews. Im not looking for outside my group for sales, I don’t even advertise. Sure I like money, but it is not a money issue. Supply vs demand. My boss doesn’t see this as a profitable adventure, and since he pays me, I have to go by what he says.

No one here has called you anything… or assumed anything.

The fact I do not sell to the public should have been enough. Thought this convo was over before I signed off the last time, apparently not. There are a few out on line that do enjoy what flavors I have, and until I can no longer supply those folks… they will be able to have my flavors, till the last drop, that is how I am. You aren’t buying so there is no info I can or will give you. You want to try them out and that is not an option.

I thought you understood a while back, but maybe now its a bit more clear.

I hope @TorturedZen as his answer as well. Good night… Turning my phone off for a while.

@DarkJester89… it’s pointless… big vape clouds and peace… <3

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@DarkJester89, @Fuzzygantt and @anon84779643… I apologize for any offensive comments. I only hoped to access some comments, samples or reviews, but I should’ve just stopped when I was on the elr flavor notes page. SB i really hope you get your flavor line up and running because Super Duper Concentrates are right up my alley… Peace be with you all!


no worries boss dateline

look forward to talking with ya in the future, im still trying to get the ingredients for that cracker jack recipe you put up

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Sry but it took all that bickering to learn there is a flavor brand in the database that we can’t acquire? Cheers all!!


Totally not part of this discussion or anything to do with it, but I bought Jelly Beans today. Maybe sharing them will light the mood of this topic.

No you can’t vape them but they are chewable :wink:


uh huh… At least we all now know.

It’s really sad what big government does to the ‘little guy’. But, don’t get me started.


I started this thread solely on the “inquiring minds want to know” mentality. Because I like to feed my OCD I was poking around in the Duplicates List. And because I tend to use unorthodox search terms somehow SB Flavors showed up. More digging revealed more flavors. I mean when you get right down to it that’s why this site exists. Flavors. I just wanted more information.
Anyway, it seems this is one of those ‘careful what you ask for’ moments because, at least for me, it was more than I needed to know.
@Pro_Vapes…my apologies for getting you sucked into this. I did not anticipate the left turn this topic took.
@anon84779643…appreciate you sharing and giving me better insight.
@everyone else…thanx for chiming in and contributing!