Shake and vape help

I got strawberry ripe tfa, watermelon tfa, cotton candy tfa, sweetner tfa, and sour tfa. Anyone help me with a shake and vape with these? I also have vg and 48mg nic with pg base.


Welcome to ELR, you will be an expert mixer in no time. Check out ELR recipe editor and all the help you can find in this forum. :smile:
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dont miss the resources page


Welcome to ELR @MBarz. As you will soon find out, there is LOTS of help to be had here at ELR, AND, there is a lot of SEARCHING that can help you as well, AND, save you a lot of time. As @CosmicTruth said, there is another entirely separate (kinda) side of the site, the RECIPE side. Not only can you create and save recipes, but you can also find all kinds of information on FLAVORS.

All Flavors:

When we look up the two main flavors you mentioned we get:

Those can be found here:

TPA Watermelon:

TPA Strawberry Ripe:

If you look, you can see a general AVERAGE of the percentage used in mixes (and the single flavor too if you are interested). This CAN give you a ball park where to start.

Now, you didn’t really mention anything about what profile you were looking for, so it’s impossible for any of us to tell you exactly what your mix should be out of the box. More watermelon, more strawberry, equal ?? We don’t know what you’re trying to mix up.

I personally would start with the average mix % of each, with NO sweetener, or sour to start out. Mix up a small tester, let it steep a little bit, and YOU test it, and see what you have. Then if you want more melon, or more SB you can adjust as YOU want it to be. Then if absolutely necessary, you can tweak into the sweetener and/or sour, but many of us don’t like to use them. Doesn’t mean you can’t, but if you can get by with just the flavors, then you’re already ahead of many others.

And, as if THAT wasn’t enough, go back to your flavor page(s) as mentioned above and scroll down, for even MORE information. Recipes, notes, etc.


Welcome and glad you joined.
Could read through these:


Welcome to the forum. I would love to help you with a shake and vape but those concentrates don’t lend themselves to a shake and vape. They will have to be steeped.


TFA Strawberry Ripe and watermelon ate both okay in 3 days if you use a high% but just mix a few mls. They will be too strong in a week or two. You could mix two testers, one to use and another at lower % to steep.


What’s shake and vape??


@TorturedZen Like a unicorn some people believe they exist :rofl: (well I guess they do if you have a high shear mixer)

@MBarz some juices are vapable immediately but I know of no recipes that won’t improve with a little time.



Only real shake and vapes I have done that were decent are the mints I do but they do change after steeping. The one that I have done that is pretty much snv and doesn’t change much is

But that doesn’t match your flavors. I learned after much pain and agony…just let it steep.


Could test each flavor individually and add taste notes on each one.


Ty guys very much. Drummer that was very helpful