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Simple Kayfun like Salt Recipes


I don’t do much MTL vaping anymore but have a couple of Kayfun 5’s and am looking for a couple simple recipes to try some NN Signature Salts @ about 9ish mg/ml’s. I normally vape (for the past 3 years at 3-4 mg/ml’s) direct to lung and even with the Kayfun vape it as a restricted lung atty. I am going to be going back to work after a long hiatus in a month or so and don’t expect to vape much except on breaks so I am going to need something to get me through the work day as I have no desire to quit nicotine (at my advanced age). I will probably get a tighter device at that point (perhaps a refillable discreet pod-type system) but want to develop some recipes before then as I have no intention of buying commercial e-liquid again. As far as simple, I mean like no more than three or 4 flavor concentrates; I have most of the popular CAP,FA, and TPA concentrates in my stash…a decent RY4, fruit or bakery would be fantastic. I searched on here for MTL & salt recipes but they just don’t populate well in the searches. Thanks in advance for some assistance and experiential guidance.


Hi, I vape exclusively MTL when I did use nicotine I was around the 2-3mg/ml for quite a while but came from 12mg when I started vaping. Honestly I wouldn’t be too concerned about the level of flavoring unless you’ve got a sensitivity issue - mine is pg so I don’t go over 15% and traditionally I keep it as low as possible , but back to MTL my experience with using my Kayfun with high VG liquids did just fine no real issues. Since your desire is to get your nic fix then I’d concentrate on recipe you enjoy and see how you like it with a higher nicotine content. What are your favorite recipes , flavor profiles ? I don’t have any experience with Nic Salts as they’ve become popular after I quit using nicotine.

There’s a great thread here Easy 3 flavor recipe for beginners?

All my recipes are designed for MTL http://e-liquid-recipes.com/user/recipes?q=&hide_private=1

Also @HVPGH I am originally from FL’s Gulf Coast :heart:


Thanks for the input, I’ve heard people recommend that flavor concentrate percentages be increased for tighter M2L and higher nicotine concentrations. I’ve also heard that it is better to keep the profiles simpler at these higher %'s because many of the subtle flavor nuances may be lost. More than anything I couldn’t find any real reference compendium dedicated to these kind of recipes on here or anywhere for that matter.


Never a bad recommendation to keep the flavor profiles from spilling into each other. I find simple recipes a bit on the boring side but then again I’ve always vaped this way and I imagine over time have created the pallet I’ve got now and was more geared to a simple one early in when I started vaping. Being your switching for work purpose I would imagine you’d be able to make a few recipes and test drive them at different ratios even pg/vg ratios skew taste preferences.

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I meant to say that my intention was mix closer to 50/50 PG/VG. When I first started mixing, it was for a Kanger Evod Protank but that was early on in my mixing days and was still getting off the analogs…they didn’t have salts back then and I wasn’t seeking to increase my nicotine intake. I used to enjoy, (in the beginning) Halo Tribecca, I was thinking I could use one of the clones I have made previously with a higher nic concentration in 50/50. I’m still hoping to see some recipes that people are proud of w/ salts for MTL devices.


I hope someone whose using Nic Salts that also MTL vapes can chime in. There’s not a ton of us MTL Vapers on here. Good luck I hope you can get a couple trials under your belt before returning to work. If anything I’d make some small test batches that a way you’d save your products. That one link I tagged in my first reasponse has a lot of 3-4 flavor recipes if you decide to take a go at it !

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Hi Amy, thanks for the tag. I still only do MTL. 90% of my vaping is still on the Kayfun Lite Plus V2, or an Ego one style tank with the rebuildable CLR coils. I don’t have any experience with the nic salts either. Wish I could be more help!


Thanks was trying to get @HVPGH some Nic Salt + MTL help. I too use CLR coils as well nice draw and I can easily make my own coils when compared to making coils for my Kayfun but love them both.


This is my favorite MTL, it is what I vape in my kayfun, I don’t have any nic salt though, so sorry about that.

This is a good one also

Last but not least


Thanks all…I should have been a little clearer I guess…I have used nic salts before just not in higher concentrations - they really are actually smoother than freebase nicotine therefore more suited (it is said) to higher nic concentrations. So, any good MTL freebase MTL recipe should be just as good with salts. -Figures I say I have a decent stash and there is always at least one flav missing from every scrumptious looking recipe!


Update: I found a nice recipe here http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/202670/Custard%20King that is excellent off the SNV - I mixed it at 45PG 55VG @ 12mg and it is very nice on my Kayfun5 (I have a contact kanthal 26 gauge round wire coil with a resistance of .55 ohms and vaping it wide open at 27.5W) …I think I could easily go to 18mg @ 50/50 for a pod type atty and it would satisfy me on breaks.


I love Kayfuns but I can not use PG any more so I squonk with Max VG
But now you can get some good M to L squonk RDA’s


i vape 2-3% 50/50 flv sweet dough its pretty good in my mtl berzerker between 15-30 watts i havent upped the nic tho to these levels with it so not sure how that would effect it