Smear-proof Labels?

Well, blow me! where have I been living? I don’t recall ever hearing of these "Sharpies " before .

You guys have just simplified my life enormously…I think (but…umm… lets just wait and see how I manage to cock the Sharpie trick up before leaping to conclusions, shall we?)

Hugs all round!


Any permanent marker will do, the brand does not matter but it is used as a generic name in us/uk


i like the ultra fine point bc i have the worst hand writing


@jay210 Are you opposed to buying a label printer ? I’ve been using a Brother QL710w and continuous roll tape and not only does the tape roll last forever, but even with a matte finish, they say it has a duralast finish which I’ve found prevents any smearing on any of my labels, even wet with juice, just rub it off.

I rejected the idea of label printing until I tried it. The continuous tape rolls are very long, not expensive, and I’ve printed hundreds of bottle labels on the first roll. Here’s the new version…


For what it’s worth the painters tape is much more water / juice proof than plain making tape and does not cost that much more. I have used both.


@SessionDrummer not averse ; was actually considering that kind of solution , cos that would solve the problem of my crap handwriting too . But on the other hand, how the heck will i justify that kind of outlay to myself? Damn, that’s equivalent to six bottles of MF! :rofl: (don’t ask me how i justify the 28 bottles of MF. That’s differnt. Just…different. )

Hmmm… but hey! I find I can get a big pack of multicoloured Sharpies for a tenner! so I’l prolly defer that question of how to justify the printer…

OMG, that’s spooky. My Brother A4 laser printer just loudly burst into life for no reason at all, as I was typing this, like it’s trying to say “But I want a baby brother” :laughing:


Ah, When you mentioned “Painters tape” i thought you meant masking tape (as used by painters, Well, that’s what I used, as a cheapskate amateur, when i got into pastel painting)

I shall bear that in mind. I shall do more than bear that in mind, I shall look out for proper “Painter’s Tape” . Is that what it’s actually called? Can you recommend a particular brand (just to be sure that I get the right stuff)

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You can get fancy by the no names in reputable shops are usually all fine. Painters tape or masking tape is what you want. Mine cost less than a pound.


A friend of mine that paints for a living gives it to me. You can actually run it under water and it stays put and the permanent marker does not smear. If you do not want to use the link do a internet search for 3M Blue Painters Tape. It is available in the US at all major home improvement and hardware stores.

A quick amazon search US site this is the stuff he gives me.

EDIT: The blue painters tape releases with out issues when you want to remove the label and does not leave behind anything. Sometimes regular masking tape does not do that and it is also not as resistant to fluids.


@jay210 That’s the same struggle I had before I bought it. I started selling a lot more, and it seemed I could justify the price. Mines wireless so it’s just too damned easy to stack up a print job for all the labels and let it rip.


Clearly painters tape is the super easy, and much cheaper option.


I use masking tape, write on it with either permanent marker or ball point pen, since my pens always get lost somewhere around the house. I let it dry a minute or two, grab transparent scotch tape and add 1 or 2 stripes on top of the whole label. Voilà smear and water proof but still easily removable lol


Speaking of using sharpies and tape. Personally I skip the whole tape thing.

For the paint pen…yes. If you constantly drench your bottle in Eliquid things will get messy. Over all a few drops and slip ups won’t affect the paint. Also the paint is fine with a brief warm water bath.

To remove…I just use a pad with nail polish remover and comes right off. No more time wasted pealing two, dealing with the occasional sticky.


Just playing around with my happy printer
Printed up a label for my travel case


I usually just use tape, cuz I’m lazy like that. If I do make a printed label, I use Avery waterproof vinyl labels. They adhere better than the plain paper type and don’t smear.


For a professional look, may i suggest a waterproof gloss paper for laser copiers. Ink jet smears, tape over the ink looks terrible after a few squeezes. For the cheap yet readable, a label maker with adhesive backing works. Although the adhesive almost always comes off the bottle so tape over the ends. These will look terrible after a month yet will never smear


I disagree with taping over ends.

This bottle was born on 3-4-2018

And these bottle are much older

Edit :

Born on 3-15-2018


You can go out and buy a pack of Avery Shipping Labels at your local Staples or Walmart. Around $10 for a pack of 250 labels isn’t a bad price. Then download Avery Design and Print onto your PC (absolutely free to use with no hassles). Play around with some designs then just print your labels out.
Let the inks dry overnight then spray at least 2 coats of fabric sealer or print sealer (also available at Staples oralmart) onto the labels. You can get the label packs for inkjet or laser printers.
The labels won’t last forever but they will last for a good 4 to 6 months.


A few examples.


This really looks amazing and professional :star_struck: and it doesn’t seem to be very expensive.
But all that work for a frigging label? :rofl: