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Snow Wolf Display Issue


I’m one day in on my new Snow Wolf and the display flickered then went out. This TC Mod was sent free of charge for screwing up my order. I’m contacting the sender to let them know this device is faulty. Since I didn’t buy it I hope its still under warranty. I googled this problem… but I don’t see any others with this issue. Luckily I learned the menu and I know how to operate without the display. I just don’t know the exact temps I’m using. This really, really suck.

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Ele8vape Shipping Woes

Go get’em @NewDrip!

I know and feel your frustration. When something takes a dump on you, it really dampens your spirit on buying new products.


I googled around… it seems to be an isolated incident.


That’s what happened with me and my vapor flask; it worked 5 days and then took a dump.

Hopefully Elev8 Vape will just send you a new one!


I hope so… I just sent them an email with a demo video and a explanation of what happened. I’ll just wait and see what happens. I’m glad I have other TC mods because I’m very spoiled on tc now.

I received the Snow Wolf on the 10th of May and everything was working well with it. On the 11th the display flickered a little then went very dim and went out completely. All of this occurred in less than 20 seconds. I made a demo video and posted it to youtube so you can see it for yourself. This the Snow Wolf that you sent for free for the earlier confusion of my previous order. No paperwork or warranty was included in that shipment. Please let me know if you can replace this mod.

Here’s a link to the video.

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Ele8vape Shipping Woes

have you tried tinkering with it or will you wait to hear back from them? you might be better waiting to mess w it to see if they’ll replace it first!!!


I’m waiting to see what they will do first. If I can get another one I don’t want to void the warranty if they will cover it. If not I may look for a breakdown vid and see what’s up.


Well again Elev8 Vape has stepped up with no problems and no hoops to jump through. They are sending out another Snow Wolf and I don’t have to send the other one back. Now if I can fix the display I’ll have 2.

Ele8vape Shipping Woes

Yay you! I was expecting at least 4 flaming hoops to jump through and a pile of poop to land in on the other side. Good on Elev8 Vape!


I would be more than happy to try and fix the bad one?

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I usually can find breakdown video at some point. I think its probably a bad connection or something simple. I can still use it as vv/vw up 200w.

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ok… I was wishing for a freebie??? lol


I contacted Asmodus about my Snow Wolf with the bad display and I can have it fixed/replaced as per warranty. Here’s the email…

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I got some good news today. I’ll be receiving a brand replacement Snow Wolf. This will make two for free. The vape gods are truly blessing me.