So how much is TOO MUCH!

Gave the Theorem away [son], replaced it with the Griifin25 and like it, use it everyday in rotation, but I don’t see any comparison from either of them to an Avocado…they are too different [air, flavor, etc]
I have several each of the Avocado22 and the Avocado24. The 22’s I use a single coil because of filling, the 24’s get dual coils. At least three Avocados in rotation every day.
Wicking the Avocado is easy after you get use to it. The wick tails need to be cut to just barely sit in the juice holes, not on top, and not down in the tank. Thickness matters too…I build 3mm inside diameter coils, and if you would split a piece of Japanese cotton pad in half thickness will be just right…so if you use rayon, it should be close or even a little less. Both cotton and rayon work fine. I normally make claptons with SS 316L 32ga over 24ga and wrap for .5ohms build. Sometimes different wires.
For ml vaped daily…I keep about 10 tanks and 10 mods on my desk [where my ass spends most of it’s time in front of these days, although I am in Kentucky today]. Most are 3mg nic, and a couple are 5mg nic, and I usually go thru about 30ml


IDK if there is a thing as too much… as far as your lungs are concerned. Every once in a while I’ll smoke a ciggy if I’m somewhere and forgot my vape. One cigarette and I can feel instant heavy congestion and difficulty breathing. I wonder how I ever smoked a pack a day. I don’t get any of those effects vaping all day.

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No idea how much I vape daily tbh. I change flavors and tanks a lot, so it’s hard keep track. I must keep tabs on it some day, see how much I am inhaling! I imagine it’s around 15-20ml, probably 40-ish if I’m having a few drinkies.

I smoked from age 13/14 to 57 About 44 years. Wifey smoked for 40 years. Between us we vape 25 to 50 ml a day between us depends on the day and the situation and our location.

Used to be when I was vaping the eGo type tanks and little cartomizers I would go through 30 ml in a couple of weeks. Or should I say "weak"s because that was the vape…weak as hell. I never really started consuming juice until I got my first Aspire Atlantis. Then it was on like Donkey Kong. Since then I’ve been at least 20 ml a day, but usually more like 30-40.

Is it hazardous to your health? Who knows? I’ve yet to meet anyone who suffered any negative health effects from vaping a lot, really no one at all no matter the volume. Now logic and reason has to come into play here. If you’re steady chucking huge clouds 20 hours per day it reasons that there could be liquid reforming in the lungs. If you have lungs already damaged and they “trap” this liquid, I could see it becoming very problematic. I’ve even heard people complain they have a “heavy” chest after a hard day of vaping. But still nary a soul has mentioned becoming ill or having any health crisis related to vaping. So personally, I think those song lyrics are very appropriate and I nominate Do It as the theme song of ELR and vapers world wide!

Go on and do it, do it
Do it 'til you’re satisfied
(Whatever it is)
Do it, do it 'til you’re satisfied

Everybody knows
What they’d like to do
Whatever it is, do it
Long as it pleases you

Just take some time
And relax your mind
And do it, do it
Do it 'til you’re satisfied

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Looks like I shouldnt even bve concerned about my ml everyday lol. @ozo got my avocado 24 after a long wait…wasted a night wicking it cant get it right still. Ill give it another shot tonight. Filling is so much easier than the theorem, hope it works fingers crossed.

I’m right there with ya. I did wicks half way down the tank, wicks just below the cap. Neither produced the same results as a dripper. Grrrrrr.

Don’t give up…the wicking fairie will show up and fly you to the kingdom…
You just need to keep on trying to get it right…and when you find the perfect wick…
the next one will most likely disappoint you, still don’t give up.
When you get the ‘touch’, you will be so rewarded that you will never think back on your troubles.
I use at least 3 Avocado’s daily…at least one 22mm and at least two 24mm…
They hold a build and don’t punk out…meaning they don’t need to be re-built as often as most of my others.
But I am an old phart…what do I know, eh?

Sorry, only pics I have of the wicks on an Avocado, wicks that work,have xxx’s in the pic.
I can’t seem to ‘crop’ them out without losing resolution.

I will not abandon you…not until you can get it to a comfortable level wicking this beast.

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I had a bit of a struggle too when I first got my Avocado. All the info I could find showed wicks going though the juice holes… short wick, just peeking out wick, longtail wick, skinny wick, fat wick, trimmed wick… but they all went through the juice holes…

I couldn’t get any of that shit to work… Then I had an idea :smirk:

Wick as normal for the ID size of your coil then cut them back to the side of the tank. Fluff’em up a bit then fold/roll them under the coil just like it’s an RDA deck. Wick ends should be over the juice holes (covering them) but NOT stuffed into them :yum:

Works like a champ for me :+1:

If I chain vape it a lil’ too hard; I just hold it upside-down for a few seconds. A couple bubbles will go up from the juice holes and I go back to hitting it. See if this works better for you.

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Hmmm, I’ve not had any issues with the Avocado 24 since i got it over a month ago. I poke the ends of the wicks through the juice holes about 5mm or so, just enough to catch some juice as I tilt to vape, every now and then when it’s half way down or less, I just do a tilt of the tank and that does for a good few puffs. Flavor is decent, there is better out there, but it’ a nice solid tank overall.


Haha. It’s probably my dumbass. I’ll probably try the wick just like an rda and go from there.

Frustrating it’s not as fool proof I find my aromamizer is or velocity clone or or uwell X. I take my time like an artist on my builds and it hasn’t failed me until I got the avocado 24.

Just got my build right…spaced coils help. …just a tip :slight_smile:

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