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So I messed up yesterday


when I saw this. I thought of @Cutlass92


Cutlass… Coming through…


Happy Birthday!!



Everyone here is so great!





and I thought I was the only one


Why yes…yes we are!


Well except for you… You I’m not sure about. I’ve heard the stories and well you know you what there.


Don’t believe everything you read in the papers! :sunglasses:


Don’t be sorry about it, just don’t ever let it happen again.


Here’s wishing you a Happy “Belated” Birthday @Molly_Mcghee! I hope you had a great one!


+1 @TorturedZen, @Cutlass92.


I messed up by missing this thread sooner. :tada:
Happy Happy Joy Joy, and a Brthday that lasts at least a week for you two. :+1:

@Molly_Mcghee and @Cutlass92


Belated happy birthday! I hope he’s been making it up to you! :rofl::woman_facepalming:


Sorry I’m late as usual, I do better next year…well or at least try :wink:

Happy belated birthday, @Molly_Mcghee.


My wife isn’t talking to me. She said I ruined her birthday. I’m not sure how. I didn’t even know it was her birthday. :sweat_smile:


And if that’s not bad enough, one time my ex cut me off from sex for three months!
I didn’t even know. :thinking:


Why do women think that works?




What’s are you trying to say? Frog face can’t get any so no one else is allowed?