So the Altus is now available at Origin

mine is scheduled for delivery today, though i wont be able to pick it up until tomorrow. I have another package coming in tomorrow and dont want to make the drive twice… though the anticipation might kill me. maybe I will end up getting it today afterall :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I need to see if its worth the price or not.

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It puts me off that he won’t say where he’s getting his degree from. It’s not one of these institutions, is it?

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I don’t blame the guy for being a bit tight lipped about his background and the device. With all of the cloning going on out there these days I would want my device to get it’s fair shake before other copycats came out and ruined the market with inferior devices. And quite possibly, his education put out there may lead people right to his research and allow others to figure out how he developed this device. Who knows. He seems pretty sincere. Either that or he is a really good actor.

My only thoughts so far are that I like Cotton Bacon vs Japanese cotton. I wonder how well other medium like Hemp and Cotton Bacon and all the other options out there will work on this device. Because that may end up being a con for some people like me that prefer other wicking materials than the Japanese cotton. But I am sure where there is a will there is a wick that will work.

I will be anxiously waiting for some reviews from Jim and Errl.

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I totally agree… they already have people after the tech… just look at the other thread posted about this…

I do have my concerns, but frankly am more concerned about the ramp up time than the composition if the chip. I too prefer different wick and will be attempting to build this with hemp, I also believe that the wicking can be done much easier than he makes it seem.
im going to pick mine up shortly! :smiley::grinning::laughing::smile::blush::yum::relieved::sunglasses:


Oh damn ,interesting to see how your going to use hemp with that. Maybe the ramp time won’t be to bad. My concerns are. What would you put your temp control in. Im sure if this really takes off. Escribe will have a setting for this ,so cald chip

Since he’s using it with a Snow Wolf (I think), I guess he’s using it in Nickel mode - so the chip probably has a nickel coil core… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well i assume that im going to need to do a little trial and error with thwe temp control, but im thinking it will be better in wattage mode anyway. the element is not directly exposed so i think that burning your wick will be mych more difficult…

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Well the snow wolf will either work in tc mode or it won’t. As far as i know there isn’t anyway to set it in any surtin mode. Im really surprised they haven’t got them to update firmware and ti an ss mode. But i would guess they working on it lol

Well here she is! This is what’s included in the box. I’m about to fill it up and give it a test before I rip it apart and take a look at the guts because it seems like they have it all nicely wicked and ready to go right out of the box. I’ll return shortly with more pics and my thoughts :wink:

And here is what it reads on the meter, its hard to see, but thats 0.35ohm

give me an hour with it and ill post a brief review in its own thread :wink:


Hell yeah. Very nice bro. Maybe i may get one latter this month if you seem to like it. Can’t wait to see what you think of it.

Thank you for the pics! Very nice looking setup ,hope she vapes as well as she looks!

im getting ready to post a thread with my thoughts so far in a few :slight_smile:


Any thoughts or reviews on this one?

Was that flash in the pan really 2 months ago? How time flies!

Every review of it I saw was rather unimpressive, especially with a $100 price tag. Something might come of the tech, but it isn’t quite there yet. That’s my summary of what I’ve read/heard - I did not buy one myself.

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Exactly what i read as well. Crazy that it was months ago already…