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Sous Vide Steeping


No problems, buddy! I’m using Anova’s Sous Vide. The time / temperature ratio for e-liquid types (custard, dessert, fruit) is quite straightforward, but it does require a little practice that I have not yet reached 100%.
Before submitting the bottles to the sous vide, it is legal to analyze the composition of the e-liquid to see the most volatile flavors (menthol, fruity, etc.) and adjust the temperature accordingly. As I said above, I prefer to keep a low temperature (42 ° C) for longer rather than heating the e-liquid a lot and risking losing some flavor notes.

The exact time as you asked varies greatly from revenue to revenue. From the complexity, the flavors used, the percentage of propylene and glycerin. All this made me feel different at the time of steeping in the sous vide.

What I suggest to you is to buy one and take the test. Choose an e-liquid that pleases you and separate in 4 ~ 5 vials of 10ml. Place the water at 40 ° C ~ 45 ° C and remove each at a different time.


You know, I don’t know what sorts of results I will get, but this thing was on sale for $40 a few days ago so I decided to get it. If nothing comes of it from a steeping perspective, at least it’s useful for food. I don’t know if it’s a decent one or not, but I snuck it in on the Christmas list. I figure for $40 it was worth a try anyway.