Starting a new e-liquid business

Geographic availability:

  • UK only

The Product:

  • the 1000 most popular e-liquid concentrates. could be from any company. and we will mix it, steep it using a homogenizer and send it to you along with the nicotine shot. all you need to do is just to fill the short fill up to the “mark” with nicotine and you will have your e-liquid with the exact nicotine amount you have requested…

The pricing (including the nic shot):

  • £5 for 4 lots of 5ml bottle

  • £4 for a 20ml bottle

  • £10 pounds for a 50ml bottle

Pricing and incentive for creators:

I have been thinking a lot about this pricing and incentive. My original plan was to give a total of 20% equivalent of the sale price in reward points to the customer and the creator, 10% each (if the creator orders his own recipe, naturally he would get the full 20%). On the other hand, I wanted to offer prices that I, as a vaper, thought will be fair, and hence the prices above. Which, on average, is about half as much as an average e-liquid. More precisely, in the three websites I have checked, which are,, and the mode price for the 50 most popular 10ml e-liquid bottles were 3.99, 3.99 and 2.95 respectively (mode is the price that is most common). there is of course which offers, well £1 e-liquids. Although their costs will be much lower as they can mas produce very cheaply, compared to when there are a 1000 ingredients that the production line has to support and each e-liquid bottle could be potentially unique.
For creators outside the UK, They will still be receiving the points but unfortunately right now I can’t think of any solution to compensate them monetarily. I have considered cryptocurrency but I do not know much about it so it has to wait. Also we might be able to just offer the monetary equivalent to them through traditional money but that will increase the overhead of the business by a lot which is not practical for the first year or 2 perhaps.
But, after I did more through analysis of all possible costs I could think of. That rewarding system with this pricing scheme wouldn’t be profitable, at least not until we get 1000s of customers that I can for sure say that we will be profitable. there are always unforeseen costs. So I changed the rewarding system to be 5% for the creator and 10% for the purchaser. But if my costs will be equal or less than I think. Then I will change it back to 10%:10%.
but I think we will have enough customers to break even (will need 600 customers to just break even). Also, given the highly personalised nature of the products, there are no ready made machinery I can purchase. even pre-build machinery is outside my budget, let alone a customized one. So this business will only be possible if I can design and implement some parts of the production line. I am thinking Legos will be the only possibility for some sections! Laugh all you want but more on that later!

The operational hell and Lego Mindstorm to the rescue
You are right in thinking this is just a tad too crazy, I think that too. But those who have worked with Legos know what I’m on about, I have designed some robots etc. using the Lego Mindstorm kit for a big uni project so I am hoping it’s gonna work. but of course I am aware of the magnitude of the task at hand and the it is more likely than not that it will fail. So far I have managed to design a virtual mock-up of the system using Unity game engine, which is almost complete. it represents the physical system to a high degree of accuracy so that there wont be any surprises during the real world implementation. and surprisingly the system can handle about 1 bottle every 50 seconds using 5 highly connected Lego robots. anymore than 10 robots in the gird and the system gets congested and the robots could get stock. so still need to improve the algorithm, first to avoid gridlock situations, but also improve the path finding algorithm so each robot can work faster. Also each robot is super expensive so, I cannot financially afford more than 5 for the beginning so it should be good (again at least in the virtual mock-up)

Recommendation engine
A big part of our offering will be the recommendation engine. If we manage to get quite a few recipes and customers, I am thinking of implementing a very powerful recommendation system as I think it will work very nicely given the nature of the products. I will be implementing the system myself to reduce costs. Although it is not a priority right now and will only be done when I get the time, or have enough profit to get a machine learning engineer who will (almost definitely be better than me) do it.

The Forum
Initially I wasn’t planning of making a forum as I though ELR is doing that perfectly and better stay in my own lane. But I now think a forum is essential as customer will have questions. Unless I can pass them to ELR for any e-liquid related questions which I am not sure is going to work, as These are two separate entities. And maybe ELR might not want that.
and as a final note, all that I have stated is subject to change as the business is still in the planning and development phase.
So hopefully I have answered many questions you have had. Again, I have invested a lot of time already on this, so your feedback goes a long way. Also please take the poll.


all recipes are created by the user and you can change or adapt them. you can see every ingredient that is in there. It is just like ELR but with a mixing service thrown in. for creator incentive please see the post above


Got it… I was gonna have to give you the bad news about the PMTA here in the US. :smirk:

Well… there have been times when folks have underhandedly taken advantage of the system for personal gain. The Mods have to squash all those little bugs to ensure chaos doesn’t ensue. Sometimes we need to sniff the air to make sure there is no fire heading our way… and there are only 2 fully charged fire extinguishers in the house. :expressionless:


Yes it is pretty much like this website but also does the mixing for the vaper. I have actually studied recommendation engines at uni (although a very brief introduction) and it is one of my favourite topic in AI. please see my reply below. there is a section specifically for recommendation engine.

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Can you invite me to that thread or PM?


Haha. I have been nervous about posting here about the business. but it had to be done to know for sure it is a sound idea (which lets face it has not been the vibe here lol). and of course I have been always aware of the fact that my intentions will be questioned. but All i want to do is to start a business which offers DIY mixing services. A product that I personally will need badly. and tbh given all the attacking on vapiing by governments, maybe it is best I just stop before committing any money. let’s see what other people think.

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sure, I just messaged you. it is not a separate thread it is the 19th reply in this thread.

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You know, as well as everyone here who is reading and posting, there have been individuals in the vaping community who go about making a business for themselves in the Eliquid realm the wrong way.

As long as there is total transparency in your business, credit given to the chefs, and wealth distributed to those who aid you in properly making the money… I would think you have 2 legs on which to stand.

If it is anything otherwise… folks WILL burn you to the ground. :wink:


That’s the goal. I always see documentaries about how companies screw their customers and the people with zero remorse and it really boils my blood. like the Grenfell Tower disaster as an example. cheating customer is first unethical but also shortsighted. My plan is to be transparent from day one. especially given how much scrutiny there is on vaping these days.


Ahh, so many factors to consider. I have been self-employed for decades on and off (I’m old). I do know a few things. #1 Don’t use your own money to start a company from the ground up (literal Start-up). If you actually nail a genius idea, never speak it to anyone who hasn’t signed an NDA. This is a great platform for spitballing, but know that your ultimate “genius Idea” will most likely be an evolution of any original concept (Facebook?). I can see you understand.

Know the “Law of Diminishing Returns” (Expansion and hiring Employees)

In America we have a big retail chain called Walmart …you guys have that in the UK? Well it doesn’t need to be Walmart per se, as the general idea is a retailer that can cut out Distributers and Middlemen and cut supply-chain logistics allowing them to sell Retail with near-wholesale prices. Hard to compete against the Big Boys. I call them Orcas (killer whales) because they eat all the smaller fish …and ALL the fish are smaller …something to consider as you’re about to jump in the water.

Proof of concept. You need to find some way to self-finance as you prove and evolve your concept as viable/sustainable/profitable (Seen Shark Tank?). The things you need to learn can only be gained in the Arena. As your idea tightens (and cash-on-hand grows) you should be able to generate interest from Investors (read Orcas). Or you could just as easily remain small and fly under the “sonar” (Killer Whale reference :wink: ) That’s actually a huge portion of “Small Business”

Number 1 advice. E-Juice DIY is very exciting! Whatever you choose to go all-in …you will be ALL IN. Your daily life will become your Business …choose wisely. Weekends off and multi-week vacations are for the Employed :wink: and the highly successful. Be careful what you wish for …defining what you truly want in the long and short-term (Life!) is a tall order. Best of luck young buck :sunglasses: ~!!


Thanks for the advice BoDarc, I actually enjoyed the Orca reference :wink: and wall-mart is ASDA here in the UK and yes, they are killing it here to. Actually in my case I need a vacation. This business idea has consumed all my time for the last three months. and I am not working so work on this project double time. so how about you do you think you will use such service/product? I am sorry I can’t see who has voted in case you have voted.


This reminds me of DeTube. It’s like YouTube, but without google. Content creaters are “tipped” with a crypto(happens to be only one option for m which crypto). I think your idea has a multitude of iterations of potential success. But it’s not GitHub. And it’s not wikipedia.


All I am looking for is profitability. I am not even dreaming that big (maybe a little sometimes :slight_smile: to be totally honest).


No what I mean is you shouldn’t throw around the word “opensource” if it’s not really opensource, or GNU or whichever. It’s for profit
That’s ok.


I have an idea, I’m in the US, that would use gray market loopholes along with the crypto revolution to circumvent senseless prohibition. And it is a venture. Bit also activism.


Sorry I thought I addressed that in response to @anon70102222. but maybe I have not. yes I only realised now that the word open-source is not appropriate, simply because I am making profit from it. I actually thought about a kind of alternative/synonym word but thought this is the most appropriate and didn’t give it much thought beyond that. I will find some alternative. or maybe any suggestions?


Thank hou=D. I dunno, transparent?


Good job generating buzz btw. If the admins of ELR are nervous from just that, than ELR is on it’s way down


Who’s nervous, chief?


I guess nobody , eh boss?