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Steeping? Myth or a must?


Once I mix with anything @Flavorah… my rule is overnight, 3 days and 1 week. it is set in 2 weeks and only gets better in 4, unless I vape mine all gone… and I get grumpy when I run out! :smiley:

Mind you… I have found bottles of mixed flv juice in my car for 3 mo and 6 mo… done it a few times #lostjuice… and there was no taste change. FLV is rather special, unlike most flavor companies… pretty much what you can mix, if your mix is right, it wont change much at all… it only gets better.



Nothing is set in stone. We all know the taste is subjective thing. Those are just my perspectives.



I will say it is according to how you use it too…

If you are dumping in 3% 4% 5% of a flv flavor… sure… you will have a very long steep, and even then… you wont get full notes… as the flavors will mute, mutate, loose notes from almost everywhere… and its to me just not as enjoyable as something under 4-5% total flavoring. :slight_smile:

but… I will agree with you TZ… if you are happy its cool… if I am happy… it’s even better :stuck_out_tongue: haha! :smiley:

btw… I hate flavor waste… if I can get the full gist of a flavor at 1% there is no need in going anywhere as high as 3-5%… none. Going thru the flv site now for notes etc is really giving me the bad case of the giggles… just wait… you will see what I am pulling off in a few more days! :slight_smile:



TZ… my winstin is a prime example… after sitting overnight… it will be “set”. it wont change much except to get better… take a chance if you want… its pretty much shake and vape… (I get lost in abbreviations)



I don’t do tobacco flavors. I vape to get away from that tobacco/cigarette taste. But I have always read that tobacco’s are notorious steepers…hence my comment. :blush:



I was surprised too Tz, when I started fooling around with flv… even the custards… 3-5 maybe 7 days… but its what caused me to think on how I mixed with what… and made a believer out of me. It’s why I only mix with flv… I hate waiting on juices to mature. I have no patience. I go thru a lot of juice, but then I think… its so much better than looking at ashtrays and smelly people… :stuck_out_tongue:

btw… loving my new squonk set up… having fun playing with it :smile:



I could see how you would question steep time with FLV, out of the 12 different flavors I have from them they are either a SnV or good to go in a few days. I mix 100% vg with RF vg flavors and some flavors dont come out until like a month. As a SnV the flavors almost extinct. Wish there was some way around all that. I hear real flavors is going to discontinue their vg flavors anyone know if that true? Any other vg flavor companies?



I never got snv out of flavorah. Always takes 3+ days. I dont use it at 5+% like others do, mostly below 1% some a bit above.

Funny thing, i ordered sun cookie somewhere. I mixed it as sft and all i get is pumpkin seed with saffron, no cookie texture or anything.

Let it stand for a month, well i forgot about it, but not the point lol. Now it magically tasted full blown lemon cookie? I only mixed it at .45% maybe i need to even lower it, but im going to throw it in some other mixes and see if it “matures” faster. However if it needs a month everytime, that would suck.

Same issue with berry blend and such. Im really envy that lots of you get the flavor right from the start…i might have to buy some new taste buds :wink:



99% of the time, @eStorm I forget to put how long till it “pops”…
(Pops meaning that it has steeped enough that there is zero change from that point on) most of the time, even with a 6-9 ingredient recipe for my mixes… it’s 3 to 5 days…

Not sure what is up with your tastebuds, or if you are on any meds, or have been and have been off for “x” amount of time… It could just be your body chemistry. Just don’t give up and keep trying!

Have some fun with it :slight_smile:



No worries i keep trying. Sun cookie is just such random name/flavor, i wasnt sure what to expect.

Im not stressing over it, but it just amazes me sometimes that my mixes need to steep that long.

Maybe me using rta’s mostly and at much lower wattage than other people, might play a factor, who knows lol.

Im not on meds or anything, living a actual healthy life style. Barely any carbs, i do drink no sodas, no candy, cake and what not. On top of that, im normally very sensitive to anything bakery, since i dont eat it anymore.

But somehow that sun cookie, the berry blend and even wild melon are my nightmares :rofl:

I think im the only one, that just gets full blown bubble gum/jack fruit out of wild melon. To a point where i feel sick after half a tank because its all in my face, overwhelmingly sweet weirdness of some kind.

Very funny at times.



A party in the mix, @eStorm :stuck_out_tongue:



As Wayne Walker once said " steeping dose not make a bad recipe good it just make a bad recipe worse"
I could not agree more…



I like pretty matthew saying

" steeping wont make a bad recipe good , it will make a good recipe better …Lol i think he said that when wayne interviewed him , then wayne used it different lol eithet way works :wink: