Steeping Time for Various Flavors

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So if you make a primarily candy or fruit mix, your expected steep time needed will be short…a few days. But if you add creams/bakery/tobacco, those flavors’ needed steep time should be what you go by to get a true steep and development of the flavor.
I realize this is a very old post but I wanted to know about how long do you think the nut flavors would need to steep? I’m currently working on a recipe that is “nut heavy” and can’t seem to get it quite right. I was wondering if it may just need a longer steep time.

Well I’m not all that experienced with nut flavors. The few I have used though don’t seem to take a ton of time to steep out. What I’ve found though is most nuts can be kind of harsh upon first mix. They then will smooth and mellow over the coming days. One of the better examples of this is Flavorah Peanut Butter.

I’m sure there are folks here that have good experience with nut mixes who could help better than I.



Here is the BAN thread and it’s all about the NUTS !!
I think steeping time is covered down in the comments someplace but I blaze through so many threads it’s hard to remember just where I got what snippet of info.
My adapted version of Nut Buster V2 (same idea) hasn’t changed much since the mix but it was done on the 21 of last month and I expected the Creams to mature more then they currently have. It’s not bad but it’s Nut heavy still. If they don’t come forward more in 2 more weeks I’ll do a V3 and up the Creams and back down the Nutty Professor
I’ve worked with the Creams and know what to expect but the NP was new and this was a wild assed toss it together test recipe as I couldn’t wait :slight_smile:

Looked up my notes in the data base on the nuts types I have single flavor tested
Almond (LorAnn) at Initial and again at 30 days and past @3% wicked strong with little or no change or fade over time
Walnut (Flavor Art) Faint from the bottle but developed nicely at 30 days and past.
Nutty Professor (OOO) good out of the jar and not much change or fade at 3 weeks
Hazelnut (SC) (Real) Just arrived but it’s not overwhelming at base mix 3%
So 2 that stayed much the same as they started and one that started weak but came along with time.
The Original BAN has a lot of cream and from my experience Bav and Swe Creams tend to amp each other at least the Cap and OOO versions do when I use the pair together with Fruits. They go Sweet X3 and I can dial them down accordingly. Not happening on this Nut mix.
I wonder if the Nuts are Masking the Creams more then I expect?


So just as a general rule of thumb, figure an average of about 3 weeks for nut flavors?
I’m just looking for a ballpark figure. Because I really didn’t want to dump this recipe and start again.

I tend to steep my nut mixes for at least four weeks. If I vape them earlier, I find them to be a little bitter for my taste. The exception to that is mixes with Almonds.


Some flavors fade and other “grow” with a steep(i call them sleepers) ex honey, caramel , brown sugar, most coconuts will increase in intensity as they steep. Many fruits fade (RF yumberry, RF raspberry, Cap sweet strawberry…while others blossom during steep(Cap honeydew, sweet gauva come to mind)
Factor in creams will lessen the intensity of everything (except nuts, coconut and…lol) especially fruits and you’ve got yourself a veritable rubix cube of flavor interactions. SF testing can establish a baseline for flavor strengths, steep periods. After that it becomes instinct and know how. Wayne from DIY or Die’s idea of blueprinting a mix is a good idea for this reason. You may be able to see what might fade or disapear based on other flavors and make necessary changes…