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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


That’s cause some people have so many flavours they’ll need at least 10 fridges and will have to look for a bigger house. Who said vaping was cheaper? :laughing:
Cool and dark is usually sufficient so a basement or any other cool place will do.


Thank you @Josephine_van_Rijn. I totally get it. My friend @Norseman knows a gentleman who has 700 + flavors. So I would image that someones fridge could look like a candy store!

Cool, dry and dark place. Check and check!


One persons candy store is another persons dungeon… ohhh… did I say that out loud??? Then again, maybe I said that backwards… one persons dungeon is another persons…


I keep looking at the nail polish racks but I already need to get my flavors in the small bar fridge as summers blast furnace heat is almost here and they’d take up simply to much space in that configuration.

So far the See’s candy boxes with dividers hot glued in is working the best for fast finding and minimal storage space.


One persons dungeon is another persons playground :smiling_imp:


Oh that is a good idea. I would not have thought to hot glue them down like that. Hmmm. I need to tap into my creative brain and think. I see that tons of people use so many different means of storing and this is definitely a good one. You can stack them and label the sides to save space if you don’t want to buy the nail polish racks.

I think nail polish racks are pretty nifty though. That and makeup boxes as suggested by @Jenny1978.


I have the same system my bottles are numbered and did a spread sheet with the flavor name
and bottle numbers makes it so much easier to find the bottles



Found something to do with an old cabinet.


Nice set up there!
Quick note… Is there sunlight that shines on your (flavor?) bottles? If there is be sure to move them since sunlight can definitely make flavors fade away.


Thanks for the advice! I usually have that window covered to keep it dark down here. I just needed light for the picture. I keep the flavor concentrates out of sunlight. The stuff on top are recipes I mixed when I first started that I need to dump. I wasted a lot of supplies at first. Since then I ordered some 10 ml bottles, and make small batches first.


I want to get some type of racks for the flavors.


Cool. NP just looking out. :wink:

Oh honey…lol I totally feel ya there. btdt. I think just about everyone here knows that feeling!!


Definitely helpful. I’m about to move all of my diy stuff into my new “vape office” (squee!!) and I think I’m going to hang all my racks up on the wall. The more organized you can be, the faster you can mix shit tons of juice!! :grin:


The “mixing deck” is rather small so I have to clean up after every recipe. That’s because I hated how my place looked like the Breaking Bad RV. There were clusters of small bottles everywhere, looking like some kind of weird fungus was spreading around the place…

The orange TEA-box used to hold all of Tom’s E-juice Aromas a long time ago. Well, it seems a long time ago but it was last year really. Now it can only hold my TPA 10mls :blush:

I don’t see many people rebottling their aromas into glass bottles. It’s a bit of work initially but well worth it, especially if you live in a warm climate. My house used to smell like a candy shop named Happy Little Accidents but now people barely notice anything beyond the smell of whatever I’m chain vaping atm. Brown glass and good caps with an LDPD inlay really keep contents inside.

If I store finished liquids in those, they will not “steep” at all and remain as pale as a fresh batch. (Since steeping is a process that doesn’t need air or light, it’s probably the breathing that does the biggest part of the ripening process). The reason I’m mentioning this while we’re talking aroma storage is because it illustrates the difference of glass vs plastic quite well:


@Josephine_van_Rijn nailed it, just too many damn flavors !!!


@Leilani I have (4) of the 5 tier nail polish displays from Amazon, and they work great. I’m past overflowing all 4 now, and will probably just leave my most used on them.


That’s where I bought them! They were not a bad price - $15.99. So I bought 2. Very solid racks and easy to clean. I placed my flavors in alphabetical order, seeing that I don’t have too many yet.

Wow. You filled 4 already? That’s awesome. I need to get to your level. I’m only at a baby flavor stash. :sweat: #Noob


Just wait, before you know it that baby will be a 40 year old that’s taking over your basement! :laughing:


And this will be me. 40 year from now. In my basement.


That looks like Walt (but missing the rabbit ears) lol