Substitute for Cheescake Graham Crust and Vanilla Custard


I very much like the E-Mazing Vanilla Custard.

After a 30ml batch I would like to make a 100ml batch.

Now, I run out of Cheescake Graham Crust and Vanilla Custard. I saw some suggestions for substitute here in the forum:

Cheescake Graham Crust = NY cheesecake and graham cracker (2/1)
Vanilla Custard = Vanilla Swirl

Do you think that’s a good idea? NY cheesecake and graham cracker makes kinda sense. But Vanilla Swirl could change the character of the liquid too much.


You could always try it. However, with those changes I would recommend testing by making a 15ml bottle.


I’ll try it. I also have some Custard Premium from FA. I wonder if I should add from that.

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Inawera custard is a very good sub for v1. Other custard are custards and will alter the recipe too much. Vanilla swirl in my opinion is not close or even anywhere similar to that profile.

Cheesecake Graham crust, any Graham cracker or cookie will do as sub, add a dash of extra cream and your set. There’s no cheesecake in cheesecake (Graham crust) so adding your NYC will work but makes it denser/heavier, could be good :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ll try this recipe. I have some Whipped Cream. Sweet Cream is finish. Should I add some Whipped Cream? Vienna Cream is actually already heavy.

The original recipe is quite heavy. I like that. But it’s not an ADV. It’s more a vape to enjoy from time to time.


I mixed it exactly as the above recipe. Sure, it needs to steep. I will give it at least 14 Days. However, I tried it anyway. It tastes nice. It’s definitely lighter in comparing to the original recipe.Taste is good. Vienna cream needs to settle.

It could have been much worse.


14% Cream is waaay too much! 3-4% max between the 2 creams should work much better

Forget that 20% total flavor rule… you don’t need it here.

Take a look at #2 below…


10% vanilla swirl :rofl:

Well whatever someone likes, but you looking overall at a 21 days/3 week steep not 14 due to the Vienna cream also at a extreme high percentage. Good luck.


If you dont want your recipe tasting like gym socks I would alter some % here. Vienna Cream does more harm above 2% than adding anything to a recipe. I would pull it down to 1.5, the NYCC you can pump up a bit, maybe between 4 to 6. Vanilla Swirl I would also lower to around max 2%. And pump premium custard to about 3 or 3.5%

Theres no thing like more % = more flavour, cause each flavour has its own “max”, as to where you push it over the max it does more harm than anything else. Then again, feel free to try those % out, but like the others keep saying, youre in for something interesting…

Cheers :smiley:


Ok, I’ll mix your %. Thanks for all your suggestions.

With 6ml I can make 30ml. That’s actually a very nice piece of software.


I hope this works out for you, and that this juice turns into something you will enjoy :smiley:

The Premium Custard by FA is amazing, love that stuff and should start using it more myself as well. It’s like instant custard that tastes very good after 3 days or something. On another note, I do like the profile of your aromas tho, heavy creamy with a slight cracker note. The graham cracker will probably not be that noticeable? Let me know what you think :smiley:

Yeah that software is great, I have it, just too accustomed to using this site :smiley:

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Yes, it did work out. Very nice. Definitely better balanced.The Vanilla Swirl feels more freshly…so to say. And it gives a better aftertaste.I’ll wait a few days more and try it again. Then I’ll add flavors to the first mix and use it as a concentrate. With that I won’t waste any flavors.

Very nice.

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