Suggestions, please

I have supplies on the way, but before they get here I am looking for suggestions as to how to begin mixing my own flavors (including recipes I’m following). What I mean is that I wrote down a recipe I got from here (Morning Milk is one of them) and I assume I need to make up a small bottle (10 ml) first and let it steep to see if I made it right and if so, then I assume I make up a bigger bottle to vape from (and possibly a couple more to hold me over until I mix more). What I’m wondering is do I start a notebook for notes on pre-existing recipes? I also assume that if I do this, it will get me in the habit of taking note of the flavor notes and beginning to put together how different flavors work together and at was concentrations. I understand all of that, but what I’m not sure of is how and what to put into the notes? Are there any examples I could see? I’m a visual kind of person for it to “click” in my brain.

Also, I have a particular juice I have fallen in love with. I would love to know what is in it, but I have no idea how to find that out. I would love even more to figure out how I can create my own version of it, but do not know where to start (I haven’t even mixed my first recipe yet). The flavor is supposed to be like a banana pudding. It has a lighter banana taste on the inhale, but a very creamy banana taste on the exhale with a hint of vanilla. When I add it to my coffee juice it tastes like I’m vaping coffee with a banana creamer. I bought 60 mls on 3/4 and I have vaped almost three quarters of the bottle in a week! I swear it is that good!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read through what very likely are silly questions,



Everyone has there method to the madness.

Some will highly recommend sft’s…single flavor testing. So you have a better chance on knowing what each flavor tastes like. Search the term sft and you will see a bajillion comments.

As for notes. Yup. Some write in notebooks. I just add mine to the recpie file based on the adjustment it needs. More or less cream, upping a flavor, swap x for z and so on…that way I can track where I started.

I do agree with mixing 10-15ml bottles as testers. When starting out, yeah testing a mix at the start middle and end of the perceive aging process helps to teach/learn about how the flavors interact. I did that at the beginning of my mixing journey but haven’t done that for years. But I did find it helpful.

Beyond that my only word of advice is that when I have a new flavor (because I don’t do a lot of sft’s) I review a ton of recpies. I see how people are using the flavors. I see the average usage in a mix and compare it to how it is being used in recpies that seem good to me. If there is a recpie I like I build and adapt from there because I rarely have every flavor the original creator used. But to do that takes time and playing around.

But again you gotta do what makes sense to you and makes you happy. Just remember…you may have some initial mixes that you just don’t like. Just keep at it. Many folks don’t start to hit a good stride on hitting the mark of vapable mixes. But it is well worth it in the end.

This ramble and non grammmar corrected post was brought to you by root beer flv and ice cream.


Please read this great post from @Scottes777
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You can post a link plus a short description to the juice in the clone section and see if anybody has any suggestions.
If you’re lucky it might have been cloned already or you might even come up with something better :drooling_face:
It is always fun trying.

Don’t overthink it girl, just write up your experience. Do you like the taste of it, if so why, if not, why not.
Is it too strong, too weak, is there a horrible off note at a certain percentage, how much time did it take for the flavour to really develop, etc.
There’s no right or wrong here, it’s not rocket science, it’s about taste and in this instance it’s about your taste.
Nobody can tell you what you like, you’re in charge here so I’d say just go for it girl and have some fun while you’re at it. :laughing:


Hi Tari :slight_smile:
I would trust your own judgement. There are lots of ways of approaching this and yours will be the best for you. I take note for my mixing but I tend to put them in the recipe notes on the ELR recipe site under my private recipes…if that makes sense. I don’t single flavour test but I probably should…it helps but I learn the harder way eg. mix to mix and subtle flavour differences.

With regard to your favourite recipe…defo have a search to see if someone has already cloned it and if not you can maybe search for recipes with banana in them on elr and make some that you like the look of. This is a good way to start your flavouring stock also.

Above all enjoy yourself. Mixing is imense fun and very enjoyable. For me I have never made anything unvapeable and I always test as the steeping process is going on so that I can assess the changes in the steeping process. Good luck to you :smile:


Let the reading begin…welcome


you might notice that has everyone has different sensitivities to particular flavours. I am completely strawberry blind in vaping but I can taste them if I tongue sample e-liquid.
im super sensitive to coconut people use 1% but I only need .1% etc
so you might not be able always use every recipe as written be prepared to tweak recipes to your liking. If you don’t feel like single flavor testing then don’t this shouldn’t feel like work just have fun with it. I also never take notes. its all about learning your flavors and its alot like cooking

if its a popular eliquid there’s a good chance it has been cloned already search the recipe database or you can request a clone here in the forum.


Thank you, everyone. I appreciate all of the advice and sharing of personal experiences. I have looked to see if this particular flavor has already been cloned. I have not found that to be the case.

I have also found recipes that interest me and might be better than what I am hoping to replicate. I was already thinking along these lines when I place my order for my flavors, so that’s a plus.

This made me smile because I tend to go into things “whole hog” and forget to have fun. Thank you.



Let me give you an example.

Now that’s how you take notes. You’re gonna do fine


Everything has already been explained, so I’ll start here :wink:

If you can give us the company and name of the juice, maybe some have tried it and can chime in.

If not and you don’t want to post it, so some research on the company. If it’s a older one, your best bet is starting off with flavors like (tpa) banana cream, (tpa) Bavarian cream, (tpa) vanilla bean gelato/ice cream, (tpa) custard, (tpa) vanilla swirl and their nut bread.

Because most “older” banana juices are just that, followed by/with (cap) vanilla custard.

I’m not saying it’s hundred percent in there, but gotta start somewhere, right? Lol

Other then that, grab every banana flavor you find, sft and see which one you enjoy the most, even if it’s not close to the commercial. Sometimes this easier than trying to “clone” something, because there will never be a 1:1. If you’re lucky you can archive similar, but that’s also achievable with using fully different brands, that cater to your taste.

Hope that helps a little, welcome to the forum!