Sweet/Tart Flavor tips and suggestions needed

has any one tried a sweet tart flavor?
I’m looking for the best flavor for sweet/tart. Something that is a little more on the sweet side than the tart.
I’m working on a juice that is one of my favorites it’s the catipiller e-juice. mad-H
I’m not sure what’s even in this juice. But I’m going with strawberry,watermelon and sweet/tart… I could be way off on the flavor but that is what I’m picking up on when I vape this liquid
Any advice, guidance,tips or even any input on that I should try to get a juice that is similar to this would be great.
Has anyone here tried this juice? And if so I would like to hear what you think is in this mysterious flavor.

TPA makes a sweet/tart flavor called SweeTANGY. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds interesting and like it might be what you’re looking for.

I am going to order some sweet tangy tonight. You got any other favors that are a must try or must have for my personal stash ?

Without knowing what your stash contains or your favorite types of flavors, off the top of my head I’d suggest some creams, some acetyl pyrazine, some caramel candy and marshmallow (as sweeteners), your favorite fruit flavors, some FA tobacco flavors (if that’s your thing)…

Here are some links for flavors that might be a little more helpful:
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Mad-H says it is a combination of fruits. You might try something like Tiger’s Blood with sweet/tangy. TPA makes a gummy candy flavoring (Don’t have it so I can’t comment on it) that might be good. Cereal Killer with sweet/tangy in place of cream might work, too.

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