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Hello everyone. I am new to this community and using forums (I normally just do the reading). In any case, I would like to know the basics behind temperature control mods. I own the Joyetech eVic VT accompanied by the Herakles sub ohm. I am slowly learning the basics of vaping but want the most out of it.

Do you have Titanium or Nickel coils?

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Titanium coils.

The main feature is when set up properly you don’t get dry hits. Other benefits are smooth control hits at any temp is its range. Titanium burns Super hot and TC give you the ability to control the heat. Since I started vaping Ti on a TC mod it really changed the way I vape. I vape Ti exclusively. If you need more info just let us know. There are a lot of post here about cleaning ti wire, coil wrapping and setting up TC.

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Ahhh okay. Thanks for the link! I unfortunately see that the evic vt’s TC function does not work inless you have a. 05-.01 ohm coil installed. Is this true?

No, for TC your coil should be 0.05 - 1 ohm. But working with nickel and titanium, it’s not hard to get to those resistances.

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Okay, I am lost on how to set these features up then. I discovered how to change the menu for TC but it seems as though every time i change the settings ot goes back to the main screen. Is this still changing anything?

Did you check out the manual? There are lots of youtube vids as well, such as this one:

Well my problem is solved I just figured it out. Amazing flavor with this option. I truly appreciate my setup more now. Thank you for the video! I had no idea there was a lock and stealth function :joy:.

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