TFV12 or Griffin 25+

Yeah, been in heavy use as of late.


I have both the griffin 25+ and the Aromamizer+, both are good, not that I use them much anymore.
But I prefer the OBS Engine over both of them.
Easier to wick than the other 2 and 100% no leaking no matter how you wick it, better flavor too IMO.


You can’t put a price on sexy…


Well that I can’t say about my beloved sc’s. Might have to try one to see how it vapes, with no leaks.

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Check out the reviews on Youtube and you’ll see that there is no way for it to leak, air comes in from the top, goes down the side and comes out under the coils, leakproof!


I can atleast vouch for the aromaizer supreme. There are always a fan for every device.

The biggest challenge is putting in the right build and just the right wicking. Do it right on the aromaizer supreme and it’s great. But it’s a bit airy…so to use it with a small air setting to maximize flavor you must have the right build. But when you do the flavor is good and even with a shit poor wick job no leaks…but take your time to do a good wick job.

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I trust Mike and boy O boy, looks like I got one coming now !!!1

Thank u all so much for your input…now I just have to decide :fearful:

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definitely 2nd that engine. i usually use an rda, but for on-the-go i use rta’s. i was using the Griffin 25, but it was pissing me off with the wicking. i would wick it fine for weeks, then idk wtf was going on but i would have spells where it’s like i forgot wtd, idk. i would wick it wrong like 3-4 times in a day and it would burn the cotton and taste like shit. so i rip it out and redo and burn again or leak and piss me off. and like 4th time doing this i would get it right again. …usually Just before it got airmailed into a wall. then i decided to get something else and got the obs engine a few months ago and not one problem accept i burnt the cotton a couple times from letting the tank run out (user error). i HATE burnt cotton. every time it happens i can taste it literally for hours.

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I can’t speak for the Aromamizer or the TFV12, but I do own the Griffin 25 and the OBS Engine and mini Engine.
Both have good flavor but on both you want to wick just so they are touching the juice intake.
The Engine is much more forgiving if you don’t quite have enough cotton covering the holes. You may get a little spit back but it won’t leak, the Griffin on the other hand may require a few paper towels.
Too much cotton on either…and…you will know after a couple of pulls.

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get them all, just kidding and wishing… wishing on my end anyway…good luck in your decision, you cant really go wrong with any of the above choices friend… keep your head in the clouds…


Ok, I think I’m narrowing down my choices. Well for today anyways. :joy: I’m now looking at the obs engine nano or the pharaoh rta. I’m looking for flavor over cloud size. Any thoughts on those 2?

The best thing for flavor in my opinion is an RDA or an RDTA. IJOY PLUS, Geekvape Avacado 24 plus, Geekvape Tsunami 24, and my personal favorite the Wotofo Troll V2 22mm. The Troll to me is a beast when it comes to flavor and clouds.

I’m enjoying the Pharoah RDTA too. The little 1~2 ml juice well lasts me quite a long time e.g. driving. Flavor is great and the build deck is huge.

My flavor search came down to the Serpent Mini, Merlin Mini, the Mage GTA , and the Kayfun V5 Mini clone. I had looked at the Engine but read that the top airflow was restrictive and the Pharoah is pretty close to the Merlin except the Merlin comes with 2 build decks and I like choices. I use the Griffin 25 Plus now and it has good flavor with just twisted pair coils but if I coil it with fancy coils (fused claptons, aliens, etc) I think I can get excellent flavor out of it. I just need to experiment and learn which coils work best in it.

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Ok I finally decided on the pharaoh rta. It should be here tomorrow.


We’ll need a full review of it once you get it going!

i ALMOST got the troll instead of the goon. i actually ordered the troll instead, but somehow the order didn’t go through right. after a few days i called and asked why i didn’t get email with the tracking number and they said the order wasn’t completed -probably my internet went down. then ended up getting the goon. may have to get one now for this new mod i got from heaven gifts. that way i can have 2 flavors going at once.