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The list of POTENTIAL new FLV Flavors


And never forget to make sure the lids,are shut tight


Pfffbbt. Facebook. :roll_eyes:

Pretty pathetic list of candidates to my taste buds. Out of the 19 candidates, I can see trying 4. Even then, only one or two appear to have any likely chance at making regular rotation. As sodas aren’t a big draw to me, since carbonation is inherently fundamental to the soda experience IMO.

Berry Medley
Citrus Soda
Marshmallow Vanilla

Color me disappointed @Flavorah


Especially when you’ve been playing mumblety-peg in a manure-laden cow field eh TZ?! :wink:


Can’t say I’ve ever done that.


Now that brings back memories. :smile: Still amazed how I ever survived my youth. :sunglasses:


No, what you do is take that potato and put in downstairs in the basement. Put it on a shelf and let it sit there for 6 months. Then take it back upstairs to the kitchen and cut it in half. Take that and stick it in your car trunk. In 45 days you have taro. :wink:


im interested inthese ones for sure!
Marshmallow Vanilla
Pink Fruit
Rose Essence
Sour Note
Sticky Starch…hmm intersting
Sweet &; Smokey Tobacco
Berry Medley