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The State of the Union

So, I don’t understand the US politics too much. What now? He just got kicked out of his job?


US politics has become a kindergarden ran by a bunch of hypocrites who likely have a good reason to be paranoid because it seem like a whole lot should be behind bars, and that include people within FBI and CIA too.


unfortunately, this could be said to most government right now. except the FBI part.


No he doesnt go anywhere…He is officially impeached , but the Senate niw has to have a triall and vote on impeachment , they will Vote no in the Senate so he will stay in office , however he will go down as a impeachmed president , basically what happened to Bill Clinton…

What dies all this mean ??? NOTHING , unless the Senate votes to impeach which they wont


I also doubt that will happen. I do however hope that some will be held accountable for this sham and for wasting so much money and time, while neglecting to govern the state they have been elected to govern.


So… this would end out as nothing, then?


Whether its a sham , right or wrong depends on which side of the aisle a person sits…I have always felt that there should be an equal amiunt of seats for both parties in the house and senate …there shouldnt be a majority , I also have always felt that the loser of the Presidential Race should be VP …the Supreme Court should also have an equal amount of each party even though they are supposed to not bring politics in their decision


Basically…Trump will go down as being impeached and that will stick to his legacy like Clinton


Not really. No matter what side of the aisle one would be on, proper due process should be in everyones interest. The lack of due process here makes it a sham no matter what IMO.

While i am no huge fan of Trump i am even less fan of his main opponent doing the 2016 election, and when it comes to the 5 front runners of this impeachment i can only wish they are done within US politics.


An anti trump person will say there was due process the steps taken to impeach were properly taken , A trump supporter will say different …See how that argument will go round and round depending on how a person Votes…

In our politics there is no due process , the rules arent the same for me as they are for our elected officials and that’s the shitty part…


All the Democrats did was hand Trump the 2020 election. Even my friends that are Democrats are fed up with nothing being done in Washington and a lot of them have walked away. Last I’m going to say on this issue because politics is a good way to destroy friendships. Much love.


It is fairly easy to determine if there has been proper due process in a case like this. True that hardcore anti-trump will be blinded with hate and make such claim no matter what, but it doesnt mate it so.

It is true that rules arent the same… but in this case not the same for Trump as other elected officials cough Biden uncough :smiley:


Its all Subjective …lmao…ill leave it at that.

I love that answer… Its subjective , whenever politics come up at work I’ll give that answer


Both parties are to blame for that…Knowone wants to cross party lines and that’s shameful and not one party is better than another when it xomes to that , I too have friends that were conservative but now claim they are libertarians so they can separate themselves from Trump…The parties are both corrupt and the country is equally divided


I’ll say this … I see a war coming to America and you’re absolutely right, the two parties are so divided there is no compromise.


Civil ??? That would break my heart and unfortunately would be stomped out quickly by the same corrupt people in government then we would end up like the citizens in hunger games minus the actual hunger games. We as a people are too divided to even fight the politicians thats who the citizens should be challenging. No more life long senators or house members , equal amount of seats for each party , and WE should be voting on more things instead of leaving it up to politicians that get rich off of keeping us down


Politics suck Politicians suck Regardless of where anyone stands I respect and love you all …


Love you too and everyone here. I really hate talking politics unless I know I’m on the same side of the people I talk with. I even have family members that I don’t discuss issues like this with because people get so butt hurt.


Ya talk8mg politics is hard these days people have moved so far from the middle of each party it makes any opinion wrong …Sad bc I use to enjoy learning and hearing others views but once a person doesnt agree tempers flair…


The politicians of many countries now seek to divide the population and create infighting to hide the fact that they are only there for their own gain. It not as it was years ago where they actually wanted to get stuff done to help the general population.

Here in Australia they are mostly all millionaires and so out of touch with the struggle that everyday people have it makes the whole system a joke.

What I really don’t understand with the impeachment is that it will achieve nothing since they know full well that the senate will never vote for it. It appears to be just an exercise in party dick measuring.

No skin in the game with US politics so it has no real effect on my life (except when they target vaping since we wear the flow on effect).