Things you should know about batteries

Out of the mods you listed, hands down the best in that category for functioning the way it should and not having any problems would be the IPV4S. Although, you can get the IPV4 now for a lot cheaper and has all of the same options as the IPV4S.

I’ve heard the Cube II is good, but way too many options for me to mess around with, plus I have only been able to find it in SS and I love that gunmetal color they advertise it with.

I own a IPV4, IPV4S, and the new Sigelei 75W. I’d buy any of them over again if need be. I like them all, I have no complaints.

If I were you, I would go with the IPV4 or IPV4S. You won’t be disappointed, plus it’s cheaper than all the mods you have listed! Hope this helps.


…and gave them all my drugs!

:flushed: Didn’t anybody ever tell you that you’re supposed to take all their drugs!

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This is a good/short video about batteries. Was just posted on 8/5. Anyone else a fan of the Pegasus Vapor Academy channel?


Here’s another battery outside the big 4

Anyone catch this when it aired? They were poking holes in battery with no fires, and it continued to hold a charge.

Safe batteries

Great batteries, terrible customer service.