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Titanium Super Sub-Ohm Build aka Deep Water


yes interesting idea a smoother surface should stay cleaner for longer. I haven’t used TI yet , so it really helps to know the tip’s & tricks of the different heating wires. thanks

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I’ve got some 24g Ti coming in the mail, they were out of 22g. I was thinking of making a fused clapton out of it with either 38g Ni80 or SS wrap. Or is that just a stupid idea?


I also bought some 32ga Ti wire (the smallest they offered) and was thinking the same… curious but reluctant (Giant Claptons!) Maybe I can sand to reduce wire ga and shoot for shiny Ti Claptons…as soon as I have a couple hours to burn :frowny_face:


I wouldn’t say it’s stupid, in fact it’s a great idea however, the idea here was to keep it “clean” since TI was better tasting for pro vapes and others. So I assume, that you should build your Clapton using TI only since ss, ni80, kanthol probably messes with the overall result. I could be wrong, but that’s how I understood it.


This is the dilemma… I don’t want to use a “massive” wire for the clapton but indeed the SS or Ni will mess with the flavor and that’s why I thought it was a crazy idea.

Maybe just start with a parallel and see where it takes me.


Missed this one when you posted it @Pro_Vapes but I’ve bookmarked it now. Thank you.


This gave me a bit the creeps… I’ve got space for about 10 wraps, so

Messing with the limits of what’s acceptable as a noob… not a good idea. So I just started with a regular single wire coil. Certainly not bad, but not impressive either.


I’ve been vaping .05 ohm dual coils for 3 yrs on DNA Mods with no issues. 22g is more stable than the higher gauge Ti wire.


Welcome back :+1:


@Pro-Vapes, i had some Ti wire stashed away for a long time > 2+ years - and after seeing these threads here i decided it’s time to revisit that stash… my tests with Ti couple of years ago weren’t that good - and i moved then to SS exclusively - and was convinced that SS is the best flavor coil material

i’m now vaping twisted 26g Ti wire, 6 wraps, 3mm (i know i should try 2.5mm - will get there next) - on TC at ~500F - have to admit, there’s an immediate flavor improvement … wow, i didn’t think there was still room to squeeze more flavor and that i got my sweet spot made - so glad i found this thread.


Finally got some Ti wire, and am not sure if I have to clean it first, sand it ?? I’ve seen references to both above. I can take a picture if that helps.

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I used alcohol and those metal kitchen sponges to clean it. Not sure if it’s the ideal way but it seemed to be smooth and clean afterwards.

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If I remember I pull it through a paper towel once maybe. Hell I’m old grew up eating dirt as I played in the swamps and fields. I wade through chicken shit daily and spent a career wrestling drunks, degenerates and every other form of residue. I buy from Temco and never have I seen anything come off their wire yet.

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I have been having a play around with this build and am enjoying it alot, thanks ( @Pro_Vapes ) Got me some 22ga and 20 ga for double or single coil.
Although dam spacing that 20 ga takes a bloody good pull.
Can anyone recommend a rta that works well with this and custards.

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I have had 24 gauge titanium grade 1 for over a year now, and I have used it off and on but found I could not get as warm a vape as I wanted, and always go back to SS316L. I just received a wire order yesterday that I added some 22g TI to at the last second, and last night I coiled up a single coil rta as well as one of my boreas tanks, and holy effin shit I had no idea going from 24g to 22g could be soooo different…it’s seriously like the difference between roundwire and Clapton’s…

If you have tried using titanium with lackluster results, try using 22g wire, the difference is unreal even coming from 24g, after one tankful I literally threw my 24g in the trash. I will still be using SS316L because my squonks are almost all mechs, but I’m redoing the rest of my rta’s with 22g TI today lol.


I too have had different experiences with Ti …it’s the wire. Likely purity or how it was rolled/extruded. Number One obvious…what mod you choose (TC accuracy), but I expect you’re using the same mod for your comparison. Some older mods seriously fail in Temp Control, but most new mods handle it fine because people are actually using Ti. I think in 2015/2016 they were saying TC worked, but weren’t really expecting “testing” with Ti …now there’s no hiding slack hardware. Wire is another story …what Vendor is the new “good” wire?


I just use lightning vapes, last time I got SS from advanced vape supply it was dirty, especially my ribbon wire, and took several passes before black stuff stopped coming off the wire, my last two orders from lightning vapes needed wiped one time and it was good.


I read this whole thread and ordered some titanium wire 24 gauge kuken tech. Anyone have any experience with this company? Good or bad? And is 22 gauge a big difference from 24?


Yep… a huge difference IMO.

I’ve never heard of them myself. Do you have a link?

Gearbest… I’d be leary. Are you in the US?


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I’m in Canada got it off FT

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