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Toxic Metals in E-Cigarette Vapors


I’m not up to date with current advances in hardware but I always thought the YiHi chips were even better than the DNAs (or at least as good). Would’ve liked to try one but they were always a bit out of my budget range :frowning:


What exactly do you mean with that sizzling?


I know right? The Yihi chips should also be more than acceptable but pretty sure DNA 60 is more accurate in Ohm reading and power delivery… :open_mouth:


Well, even though it may be the most accurate chip, I still don’t know if a 60W mod would satisfy my style of vaping… I’m hearing pretty good things though about the new DNA 250C.


But when it comes to Yihi and DNA boards…
Most people are perfect off with a 2-3 battery mod in series. Even though the chip is cheap and inaccurate.
It doesn’t really matter because it has lots of voltage to draw from 3 batteries.
I would say you only really need a real precise mod if you’re into TC.


Not exactly… just stating the benefits I got using it. It being safer is just a added benefit. But like most say, “To each it’s own”.

Me either…

You’re the 1st person I’ve seen that mentioned this chip.


I barely use VW, so yeah I want/need a precise mod :wink:


But it’s nice to have a precise single battery device.
On a single battery DNA 60 mod you know at 40W you are getting 40W.
40 actual Watts is alot. When i’m vaping 75W which is the limit on my Pico i’m sure i’m not even getting close to 40w…

Single Cells, Temp Control, and Stick Measuring

You have never heard of DNA?


I might know a little something about DNA Mods…



I don’t get why you would never have heard of the DNA 60 board when it’s they’re single battery chip?


I just haven’t seen it discussed here.


The reason that it is one of the most accurate chipsets has to do with it being a single battery.


When you let off the button, SS has more energy to get rid of due to it’s high specific heat, so it takes longer to cool down than the same gauge of Ti or KA1. There is a period on builds with high heat capacities, including coathanger thick Ti wires, where they dont really produce vape and simmer/sizzle the build.

In my usage with hemp, SS builds die 4x faster, which I attribute to the sizzling. . .but if I did like Cutlass and used a smaller gauge it should fix it. I just prefer the flavor and behavior of 22ga for any of the wires I’ve tried.


I understand why some people like their tiny single battery devices… but maybe you just need some experience with a proper multi-battery mod to see the light :wink:


Single batteries are great so long as its 3S or higher LiPo.:laughing:


I can tell noone has ever used a reasonably accurate single battery mod.
3 batteries and a precise single battery device would be just as sufficient as a 3 battery mod.
It even fits in your pocket. :ok_hand:
I’m currently vaping on a Council of Vapor Tempest 3x battery mod. So i know what you are talking about.
I just think a single battery mod is sexier outdoors.


This thread got derailed AF.
I simply stated that DNA 60 was a accurate board for TC.
DNA didn’t pay me to say this shit.


Sometimes it gets quiet and its not about you. Welcome aboard, better be able to take some hassle if you give it at ELR. Super-nice people up in here and really respectful. Im surprised they let me around.

Why do you carry your vape in your pocket? Did somebody tell you it’s ugly?


I usually hide it because i get a lot of shit for also liking single battery mods.