TPA black cherry

Hey all. I need some advice please. I made a single flavour juice using 10% TPA black cherry as seen on the “what can i make” page. No word of a lie after 7 days steeping it tasted like chip shop curry. A few of my friends also said the same thing after they tried it. Its smells really good and just like you would expect cherry to smell. I mixed it with 90% VG with 3%nic. Is 10% black cherry to much. Does black cherry need longer to steep than some flavours? Ive got others ive made that taste awesome after just a few days steeping. Cheers

Hmmm. I don’t know about the 10%. It may be over flavored. If you do a quick search cherry is one of those flavors that is hard to do.

The way I look at cherry now…it’s great to eat cherries. But when I think of the smell of a cherry…skin and all that’s what I taste which translates to a yuckie flavor.

Therefor I use cherry as a zest flavor. Like add a small percent to get a bit of cherry…just like when you zest orange peel or lemon peel.

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 4.7% (Median: 4%)
Minimum used quantity: 0%
Maximum used quantity: 50%

Single flavor recommendations: 30
Average quantity: 6.5% (Median: 6.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 1.0%
Maximum used quantity: 15.0%

bminor notes

very strong chemical taste if too high, especially at first - needs to blend/steep a couple of weeks
I don’t see going above 2-3%, though some say up to 7%, so it must depend on what else is in it to smooth it out.
some use it as low as 0.6%, others recommend staying below 1.5%, yet some say 7% in a mix
mix with a touch of FA Black Cherry, which is much stronger, but can be used at 1-3% with this as a complement.

I’d get some FA Black Cherry if you want a good BC. TFA does have some very good flavors, Black Cherry though is not one of them.That is in my experience and IMO.

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I agree the FA BC is better.
If you really want to use the TFA, I’d keep it below 5% & maybe add a little strawberry or raspberry in the background, maybe at 2% or so to help make the BC pop.

I’m using TPA Black Cherry in an Absinthe/Bourbon type recipe I’m working on. I’m using it at only .5% and it is definitely noticeable. 10% is probably too much. Since it’s a single flavor, just mix up some unflavored liquid with the same PG/VG/Nic ratios and try 1mL of each bottle into another bottle - that’ll take you down to 5%. Try it out, adjust, take note.

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My list shows Black Cherry 5-15%
for SF

This is the main reason I avoid these type of flavors… too much variation on usage.

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when testing tfa flaves i start at 5% and adjust up or down

cap 5%
fw 5%
fa 2.5%
inawera 2.5%
flavorah 2.5%
these get adjusted after one week typically

i only test fruits and things like apple pie i dont ever single flave creams or custards i use those between .5 and 5% sometimes more if i want it to be the most prominent flavor but creams i use together like fresh cream and vienna cream or bavarian cream and sweet cream , VC1 and MM etc at low percents to create the base im looking for

sometimes i forget the taste or cant find my notes on the flave so i test again like right now sugar cookie cap i havent used in a while but want to so im testing it bc i forgot the taste

I got this a while back thinking I’d try a black forest gateaux type juice. I found it to be not only way too overpowering, even at very low%, but also bordering on vile … chemical/artificial tasting, doesn’t play well with other flavorings … I still have almost the full bottle here. If anyone does ever get it to work well, let me know

It is definitely one of, if not the strongest TFA flavoring. Stronger than any INW I’ve tried even, and they can be potent

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thank you all for your replies. i shall most certainly try diluting it with more vg/pg and see how it tastes. ive go another bottle steeping of black cherry that i only used 5% along with a couple of other flavors. i only made it a couple of days ago but ill leave it for at least two weeks before i test it. i just cant get around why it tastes like curry though hahah. thank you all for ur input on this and ill let you know how the diluting goes. i have a note book where ive written everything down in fine detail. ill jot down some the pointers you guys have given me. thanks again.


Just when you were about to throw it all away


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