Ugh....Im a little confused

Hey Lisa, have you been over to the recipe side of the site? This is where you can create your own recipes…here’s the link if you haven’t


I completely agree with @therabidweasel… Nicotein is very dangerous especially at 100mg/ml. Read up on diluting that nic… You should have a very good understanding of nic and dilutions before you even atempt your first mix… 1ml of 100mg/ml of nic in 9ml of pg will make 10ml of 10mg/ml of pg solution. Learn how I did this calculation and what it means and you will be ready to take the next step. Also get gloves and until your ready store that nic in the freezer well away from anyone or anything just my 2 cents and I hope this helps


I’m up for helping out with this just let me know… I would much rather help show someone the way than leave them out to dry and potentially hurt themself

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I’ll take any help I can get…thank you.

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Lisa, sorry for delay, got stuck on a long call.

Ok, your nic has a an as-ordered STRENGTH of 100mg. “Strength” means 100mg per ml. This is poison strength, so pay attention at all times when handling. Wear gloves, wipe up spills, keep away from childen and animals. I recommend you store the bottle enclosed in 2+ freezer bags, should the bottle get damaged in the freezer.

What I do is go to the elr calculator and make a diluted nic base. With 100%PG nicotine (btw, this means 100% of the solvent in your nic solution is PG) I would dilute with VG so that you can go very high on VG if you are, or become, sensitive to PG.

Create recipe is at the top.
Enter the volume of nic you’d like to have available.
-if you have been vaping awhile, how much liquid do you use at what strength. Eg, 30ml/wk of 3mg/ml juice.

The above says you use 90mg of nic a week. Let’s say you also want to mix using a safer dilution of 18mg/ml, this would also be your max possible strength should you mix for family, etc…

90mg/week / 18mg/ml means you use 5ml of nic in the juices you mix per week. I think a 6 weeks supply is a good starting point, so I would mix 30ml. That is your desired volume.

Leave the other fields blank and check max vg.

Next, for your nicotine enter 100mg/ml and 100 for %PG and 0 for %VG

Give this mix a name like “Diluted Nicotine” and save it.

When you now look at this recipe, you should see the correct recipe to dilute to a safe, working-level dilution. You should still wear gloves, clean up spills, keep away from animals and children. If you spill more than a few drops on your clothing or skin you should still remove any clothing immediately and rinse for several minutes in COLD water. Go to the ER if you experience faintness, upset stomach, or other signs of nic poisoning.

@Jayrell, do you care to paste in a recipe as I’ve described?

While Jayrell pastes that in, you have a judement call to make. How much do you trust you were delivered a given dilution and how important is it to you to hit your desired target? If you are vaping 24mg/ml out of a pen…you cannot afford to be off by a factor of 1.5+ as that strength is playing with fire. I’d also hate to hit a 200W dripper with 12mg juice that I thought I mixed at 4mg.

The point is, some places deliver nicotine that may be weaker or stronger than ordered. Some have received 200mg/ml+ strengths having ordered 100mg. Errors occur in all manufacturing. It is safest to characterize your diluted liquid. Inexpensive kits are available from all reputable sources and testing is covered extensively. If you are making juice for other people as well, it’s not optional for you to test imvho. Here is a link to a test kit:

If you test out to 16 or 18 or 20mg, it’s OK. Just make sure to enter your measured nic strength and ratios of solvents that will appear in @Jayrell’s recipe.

Once you have measured your nic, you can then accurately use the elr calculator to create your recipes. You will have the ability to tailor your final juice to the pg/vg/nic ratios that you want for a given recipe.

Storing the diluted nic in the refrigerator will extend it’s life, but it will be mostly vg and therefore thick in consistency. It would be hard to draw in small needles or from small dripper bottles, especially when cold. A 6 week supply should store at room temp with no worries, just keep it away from kids and pets.

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You guys have all been so helpful. Thank u. But…I have another question…can I premix the PG/VG and the nicotine in a large container and just add the flavor as needed?

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Yes, it is possible to premix your base and add flavors later. The “issue” will be that most flavors are pg based and can be from about 5% up to about 25% of your final mix. This will alter your final pg/vg percentages in the mix, vg based flavors will also alter the mix obviously. If you included nicotine in your base, the amount of nic in each recipe would also vary. So it depends on your tolerance for those variations.

Personally, I mix all my recipes at 0% and then add nic to whatever percent I might need for the week which tends to vary by atomizer/mod. It works well for me, but the added nic does dilute my flavor as its only 20mg/ml. But I don’t mind the dilution because in some of my setups I simply can’t use nic because the hits are so strong and that variable is more important to me.

DIY is all about suiting your personal needs. Whether it’s pg sensitivity, variable nic, saving time, unique flavors…it all boils down to what you need for a mix. You’ll find all that out as you continue on. Welcome aboard.