UK vendor/flavours etc

Hey guys so I’m looking at getting more concentrates ( from the uk) I have found a few websites but offer way too many different brands to know what’s what.

So what are your opinions on brands for example I see a lot of flavorah , capella , tpa

Which has the best reputation for flavours?

I’m pretty new to DIY also. I found this link invaluable when deciding what to buy.


American incoming… here’s a list to help you out. Also if you use ELR calculator site you can use the flavor list located under the User tab to search for a concentrate then you can read notes of others if there are any written.


Ben, The advice given by Amy and Dr Chud above is absolutely invaluable, as regards best flavours, best brands etc, that isn’t uk specific.
What is UK Specific however is where to get them, the vendors I use most are: is always my first port of call for most flavours (except Flavour Art) as their prices are, across the board, the best in UK. have a fab super 6 deal, hard to beat in price for FA flavours in UK Great variety, and 30ml bottles for many flavours is also a good supplier

unfortunately, as you will discover as you venture down the rabbit hole, there is no one stop perfect shop, last week I wrote up a shopping list of 32 or so flavours, and had to visit ALL FOUR of those sites to fulfil my order.

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Do rainbowvapes rebottle or do they use original bottles?

They rebottle !

sometimes they spell the flavours correctly !

I have 2 10mls of Diary Milk


Every uk vendor I’ve tried uses rebottled concentrates. Flavourart is the only one that sometimes comes in the original bottles, from chef’s flavours.


Also I use justvape247, they seem to stock quite a variety and delivery is usually pretty quick. Just stick with the well known brands as there own are a bit hit and miss, hope this helps

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Never 'eard of 'em, but their prices seem BRILLIANT !
Cheers for that Lozza !

OK definitely saved as a favourite vendor, OP @Ben100099
go to the threads that @DrChud & @Amy2 recommended, put together a wishlist and
then head to the 4 sites that I recommended, AND the justvape247 that @Lozza1 recommended (£19 for 10 capella is a GOOD deal! and £1.45 per TFA flavour is the cheapest I have seen in UK)


Few others I have used that are based in the UK




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Hey thanks guys

I know that the list as some great ones but I’m really into the fruity stuff without cream as most are with

The kanzi sounds promising as I’ve smoked the real stuff before also thanks for the links to vendors

I tried a recipe using lower % as I was way over doing it I put like 4% sweet strawberry and 1% Maltol ethyl

Not gunna lie u can kinda taste the strawberry tiny amount and doesn’t taste that great ha

Learning curve I guess not come across a shake n vape yet though so guess I’m going to have to learn patience and steep

Have you tried any one shot concentrates from them?

Might be a daft question but what’s diff between these one shots and concentrates ?

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One shots are usually a mix of flavours, a flavour base if you like, that you can just add to your PG/VG/Nic base at a certain percentage, usually 15-20%

This is one of my favs:

So kinda like a cheat lol?

Think I wanna grool it and make my self but I might Deffo try in the future if the failures out way the success attempts ha

No cheating just great if you need an ADV that you can knock up quickly.

I made most of the top recipes here and didnt really enjoy them, so i had a lot of flavour concentrates that I ended up selling / giving away, now I just buy one shots, 180-200ml for £5-£10 is still much better than £16 for 30ml of ready made e liquid.

I guess it would be cheating if it was a competition. But if what you are trying to do is create something for you and possibly your mates to vape at a decent price, then it’s no more cheating than buying apple pie flavour concentrate instead of 2 apples and 3 bakeries to try and create the same.

Most of there own ones are really poor, croissant…avoid like the plague. However I would recommend the cornish cream cakes in the DK section, really good cream

The uni milk I was pleasantly surprised with, not a bad strawberries and cream at all. Key Lime Pie was the opposite, a real let down

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Yes iv tried about 3 one shots, there vapable but that’s about it. I made 100ml up of each and was bored after about 30ml. For some reason these one shot concentrates seem to lack something than if you mix something yourself, if you have some extra cash you could always just try one :+1:t2:

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