Ultrasonic cleaner - Final thread

It really depends on the flavor and the company you are getting it from. A flavor that is designed for soda for example may not stand up to heat the same as one designed for bakery or candy. There is a laundry list of reasons for this but it is best to ask the producer if they can handle higher heats. One thing we look at is the flash point (Yes it is not just for shipping ha).

Because normally raw extracts are set in an alcohol base, they evaporate easily and are less heat stable than flavor concentrates when exposed to high heat. So if you have a high alcohol flavors base there is a chance of evaporating a bit.

Now with that said heat can break down the structure of a flavor. Again you would need to check with your flavoring company but different elements will break apart or decompose at a set temp. Oddly this is a good thing with some flavors. It is why people with temp control taste different things than none temp.

Does that help or does it make it worse ha. Sometimes I am bad at explaining it with out you sitting in my office. Chemistry I passed… English and Grammar… Not so well.


Excellent info. That explains it a little better yes. For those of us that didn’t pass chemistry (I actually did but that obviously means nothing 28 years later LOL), is there a safe way to speed up steeping time on basically all recipes, or at least most of them? Like a general temperature range to stay below as far as temp? Because when I first started mixing, I read it is best to stay below 60C. Then I was told stay below 50C. And you are saying you heat to 45C to test. I would be really curious to know your actual process for testing flavors. Especially ones that usually require long steep times.

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From my research I never go over 50C. We set it at 45C and that allows for a bit of room.

What is a good machine that you guys would recommend for this?

I got one of these:

It’s a pretty small machine, only fits like 6 x 30ml bottles or so. You should be able to get a similar one in the US :slightly_smiling:

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I use a small crock pot and have a floating thermometer handy let it sit in the warm water which it’s usually around 99-100 degree F and then once it’s warmed about 15-30 minutes varies d/t the viscosity of the juice then I’ll spin in on my magnetic mixer. If I had a warming hot plate/ stirrer then I’d be set but have to go with what I got.

I do have an USC and whenever I’d use it, I will have to put warm water in it around 80 degree F bc it will eventually warm up as it gets going. I still take my floating thermometer and check the water temperature pretty often keeping it in the 90-100 F range. My USC is an annoying little crappy 3 minute cycle one and it drives me bonkers so I will have to sit it next to me and push it every 3 minutes occasionally I’ll give it a rest and then push it again.

DO you want more info as far as the science behind the USC and what goes on ?

Here is a great read !!!

For small samples I use:

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I have Thomas Edison’s ( LOL it is so Old it could be )

15$ ebay about a year ago.

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OMG! If it is in super good shape I will so buy that off you for $100… No lie! AMAZING

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you’ll die of laughter when I pop a pic of the real deal on here just a minute… but it does work like a charm. It isn’t worth 100$

This one is mine ^

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thanks everyone!!!

will try couple of methods to find out what works the best!

my last questions to USC users. If it’s not custard, after 4 cycles of 45 degrees - how long do i steep the liquid?

when i use USC i should remove the cover, right?

i’ve bought this one

from http://www.derui-ultrasonic.com/products/lq-type/derui-ultrasonic-cleaner-dr-lq30.html


I do with mine - The first few times I covered it, but then the temperature rose too much :slightly_smiling:


I second that even in my little one. I’ll run it with the lid shut but then after it heats up I’ll leave it open.

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I have read that the USC will develop the flavors about as well as a one week steep.IMO I find this is pretty accurate.I think taking notes is the key to everything.Taste and take notes at different times and you will see what flavors develop when.
Taste is very subjective and whats works best for me probably will not be the best for others.It is important to find out what works best for you.Please let us know what you find out.

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hello people!

i’ve got my USC and it works fine. speeds up the liquids very good!
but manufacture wrote me that i should not let my cleaner work rapidly for such a long time…
they sujest to stop it every 3 minutes, which sounds like bullshit to me.
it looks like serious machine and not a child’s play … can this be true?

please share your experience…

i have: enter link description here

all the USC brands usually made in china and i don’t think there’s much difference in functions and stuff…

It’s waaay better than mine and I run 4x30 minute cycles… back to back. I’ve had it over a year now and it’s still chucking.

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Thanks Pro! that’s what i thought too… it’s bullshit that this baby cannot run 30 mins…

You let it rest for 15 mins. between cycles?

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I don’t rest mine. Just feel it to see if it’s heating up.

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